Gisele Bundchen, the most smug person in America – which is really saying something, considering I’ve had dinner with Jada Pinkett Smith – gave birth yesterday to a baby girl named Vivian Lake Brady. Is she named after a soap opera character? Or is that just the smuggiest name that Gisele and Tom could come up with? (If so, Penelope Scotland out-smugs this name any day of the week.)

Gisele Bundchen held her precious 5-month-old baby daughter Vivian as they left a building in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday afternoon.

The super model didn’t look like her usual glamorous self and was casually dressed in jeans, sandals, a plain, white sweatshirt and her hair pulled back as she carried the latest addition to her family with Tom Brady.

It was reported that Gisele was meeting with real estate agents and looking for a new apartment.