- Having music blasting out from the other room
- Having to deal with them drinking
- getting lost in the middle of a sentence because of either Sav’s eyes, Joe’s lips, Phil’s abdomen, Steve’s voice, Rick’s arm and Viv’s silliness
- Overhearing late night conversations between Joe and Sav
- big, sweaty, group hugs
- being stuck in the middle between Steve and Phil during car rides
- being pranked
- temple kisses, surprise bear hugs from Sav
- forehead kisses, arms around neck hugs from Joe
- cheek kisses, behind hugs from Steve
- one arm around waist close hug, top of the head
kisses from Rick
- Digging head in chest hugs, sly silly kisses from Viv
- sly hugs, drunken-like kisses from Phil
- “Phil, you woke me up, playing (insert song here)”
- ”stop laughing Steve”
- being stressed
- birthday serenades
- sporting too tight jeans all the time
- “all of you, stop wearing tight pants”
- “It’s not really effective if I’m looking down”
- “sorry sweetie, can’t do that”
- “Put a shirt on, Phil!”
- pranking the boys
- the boys checking you out
- wearing their t-shirts to bed without a bra
- playing with hair
- messing up hair
- “stop being cute”
- cuddling on the couch
- missing Steve like hell
- smelling like the guys because you ‘forgot’ to buy body soap
- hair smelling like cigarettes
- chillin’
- “you guys are goofballs”
- being lulled to sleep
- the boys sleeping on you, and their hair is in your face
- seeing them sleep after a long day (soooo cute)
- blaming mostly everything on each other
- cheeky smiles
- forgetting to wash laundry because of them
- inside jokes between only you and one of the boys
- “dance for me” “Why?” “Because I’m bored”
- slapping all of the boys for getting wasted
- “Love you.”
- flirting
- “having a good time?”
- whispering sweet nothings
- sleeping
- “no, no, no”
- having a backup box of cigarettes in your purse at all times
- breaking up fights
- Steve reading bedtime stories
- being total dorks everywhere with Joe + Sav
- loving them to pieces
- “Sexy”
- being chased around the house by the boys
- embarrassing stories told by the boys of each other
- being caught singing
- daily seeing the boys partly naked
- shower incident
- drawing their logo everywhere
- having multiple Marilyn Monroe posters
- ‘borrowing’ stuff especially hairspray
- the boys slapping your bum when you bend over
- sometimes groping
- beating the guys at competitions
- “no fair”
- out chugging the boys
- awkward conversations during the morning
- really stupid nicknames like Philly and Ricky
- hangovers.
- lots and lots of hangovers
- murphy’s law is in effect until you unwind
- unwinding is a cycle of smiling, cuddling, and sleeping
- swearing
- everyday is like the Me & My Wine music video
- and you love it
- “Mabye”
- feeling loved
- smiling
- their smiles killing you inside
- them catching you singing
- calling each one of them ‘Curly’ at one point
- hair incidents
- being a total wreck three times and the boys caring for you(when Pete left, Steve hangover and died, and Viv got cancer)
- you pretend to be sick so the boys lovingly take care of you
- Joe’s the mum, Sav’s the father, Phil’s the twin, Steve’s the other twin, Viv & Rick & Pete are the uncles
- sitting on their laps and them having no problem with it
- their sense of humor rubbing off on you
- telling secrets to one of the boys and the rest of them finding out except the secret you tell Sav, he keeps them secret
- birthday presents are usually jewelery, bras, picks, music related stuff, guitars etc. when all you want is a acoustic
- muttering
- when “Kiss her, kiss her” is a normal thing
- every month telling the boys why you get so moody and snappy
- tickle fights
- giving them the silent treatment if they won’t do something
- getting wasted
- “you look (hot, cute, sexy, smoking’ etc)
- “Ouch, mate”
- loving their laughs
- trying not to laugh, biting your lip
- playing football
- secretly learning how to play songs for your and their childhood to brighten their mood when they had a hard day at the studio
- befriending rockstars
- making excuses to kiss them
- “Sav?” “Yes, love?” “Can i borrow your hairspray?”
- stupid jokes
- reacting to hate
- not giving a f❤❤❤s on some days
- eye rolling
- “What is it, woman? Are you crying or laughing?”
- the boys writing lyrics in birthday cards
- eyeing Steve’s guitar collection
- them wiping the tears away
- being taller than Phil in high heels (Sorry I had to)
- tongue in cheek jokes
- Personal Property basically describes friendships too
- “And i’ll take that. Thank you.”
- falling on top of each other
- pile-ons
- waking up in the middle of the night, hearing noise from the kitchen, next thing you know you’re whisper-yelled at Vivian to stop licking the donuts
- “stop it, Vivian”

“Don’t Talk To Strangers” by Dio

Top Metal Songs of the 80′s - #7

Don’t talk to strangers
‘cause they’re only there to do you harm
Don’t write in starlight
'cause the words may come out real
Don’t hide in doorways
you may find the key that opens up your soul
Don’t go to heaven
'cause it’s really only hell
Don’t smell the flowers
they’re an evil drug to make you loose your mind
Don’t dream of women
'cause they’ll only bring you down

I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it for every song from here on, but this song has everything a great metal song should have, and it’s all done a bit better than most other songs. It has a classic acoustic opening, opens up into a HUGE riff, and perhaps the best guitar solo of Vivian Campbell’s career (perhaps because, let’s face it, most people stopped listening to him after he left Dio, so who really knows?). It’s a solo that really helped define heavy metal guitar in the 80′s whether it gets the respect it deserves and is recognized as such or not. 

And then there’s the vocals - Ronnie. James. Dio. 

*drops mic*


Okay.I have a huge addiction to Dio’s songs … I love the songs of this guy.He is my favorite singer.and one of the best vocalists in my opinion, I love Dio’s songs so much that I heard this albuns on same day, I could listen to Dio’s songs all day long I love these songs ..☝🔝🎸🎤

“Hating Def Leppard is like hating birthdays or parades or hotdogs and beer at a ballgame. How can you not have affection for a band that found a way to use “rock” as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb, sometimes all in the same song? When you hear Elliott declare “Let’s get the rock out of here” and your first instinct isn’t to respond with a fist salute, you officially have no soul.“

-Erik Spitznagel

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One TP

The official continuation of The Legend of Korra!
Michael Dante DiMartino (W), Irene Koh (A/Cover), Jane Bak ©, Vivian Ng ©, and Heather Campbell (Cover)
On sale June 7 • FC, 80 pages • $10.99 • TP, 6” x 9”
Relishing their new relationship, Korra and Asami leave the spirit world … but find nothing in Republic City but political high jinks and human vs. spirit conflict!
A pompous developer plans to turn the new spirit portal into an amusement park, potentially severing an already tumultuous connection with the spirits. What’s more, the triads have realigned and are in a brutal all-out brawl at the city’s borders—where hundreds of evacuees have relocated!
Written by series cocreator Michael Dante DiMartino and drawn by Irene Koh (Secret Origins: Batgirl, Afrina and the Glass Coffin), with consultation by Bryan Konietzko, this is the official continuation of The Legend of Korra!