vivian wang


Our Times (我的少女時代) dir. Frankie Chen. 2015. 

Lin Zhenxin (“sincere of heart”), an unbearably stressed office worker, flashes back to her years as a high school student, reminiscing upon the innocent days of love, friendship, and the thrill of youthful risks and secrets. 

A young Zhenxin, played by Vivian Sung, receives a chain letter warning her of terrible misfortune if she does not pass it on to three others. One of the unlucky recipients is Hsu Taiyu, played by Darren Wang, the school’s notorious bad boy and gangster, sparking a tenuous, cautiously budding friendship between them as Taiyu scares her into becoming his errand-girl and introduces her to a wilder life the goody two-shoes Zhenxin had never dreamed of. 

Despite their rocky beginnings, the two unite over the goal of ending the clandestine relationship between the two others they are respectively in love with. Their friendship becomes far more genuine as truths of Hsu’s past surface and they slowly come to recognize each other’s rising strengths and innate vulnerabilities. 

Our Times was Frankie Chen’s directorial debut and has been compared to the 2011 Taiwanese hit romance film You Are the Apple of My Eye. It is the highest-grossing film from Taiwan at the mainland Chinese box office and achieved significant acclaim throughout east and southeast Asia.