vivian rosas

Welcome to June, namers! It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly half way through 2017 already. Let’s throw-back to a year ago with our baby name game - make three or more combinations with the names below, picked from the birth announcements of The Name Garden in June 2016! What will you pick?

Girls First Names
Rose, Alexia, Brie, Emily, Gwen, Evelyn, Olivia, Penelope, Vera, Vivian, Ellie, Eliza, Rosa, Alice, Ilianna, Hailey, McKenna, Delilah, Italu, Harper, Zara

Girls Middle Names
Olivia, Clare, Bluebell, Carey, Jeanette, Ruby, Gene, Grace-Scott, Katherine, Marie, Fox, Medora, Mae, Jane, Chica, Isela, Sue, Juliana, Anne, Grace, Liliana, Danette, Fiona

Boys First Names
George, Barney, Harry, Henry, Myers, Ambrose, Julian, Frederick, Jeremiah, Arthur, Finnley, Theodore, Jack, John, Bertie, Zacharias, Lorenzo

Boys Middle Names
Andrew, Arthur, Henry, Dennis, George, Alexander, Loren, Matthew, Evandor, Clayton, Cleeve, William, Wesley, Glyn, Lorne, Thomas, Michael, John, Ralph, Frank

I pick:
Delilah Ruby, Julian Arthur & Theodore George.