vivian pls

I support this ORIGINUL CARACTER DO NOT STEEL because nothing represents the social justice warriors bitching about diversity in video games better than a well off looking blond hair blue eyes white girl wearing pink. Heaven forbid they have any of those damn dirty darkies representing them. 

Super Princess Peach -Sequel-?

Okay, I posted a little bit of my desire for a sequel to this way too underrated game on Twitter last night.

But let me give you some reasons why this would be amazing…

#1.  Princess Peach deserves more screen time to solidify her as more than just “another character” (the same could be said for Luigi too).  Peach is generally seen in a lot of games but almost never as a playable character and even less as a focal point for the entire game.

#2.  Princess Daisy.  Seriously.  The “Only In Sports or Party Games” Princess is NEVER used for anything important and that needs to change.

#3. Rosalina.  We’ve seen her rise in popularity even to the point of being included in Smash Bros and getting her own Amiibo.  So why not include her as a main character in a game as well to give some context to her and who she is AWAY from being “super mega awesome galaxy ruling princess of the stars”?

#4. Vivian!  If you know anything about Vivian’s ACTUAL story, you know she, more than most, DESERVES to be a friggen princess.  Also, she’s a fan favorite Paper Mario exclusive character, and the fact that she hasn’t been included since her initial appearance is a CRYING SHAME! (Ok, so part of this may be because Vivian is one of my favorite game characters of all time, but, you know, whatever.)


Instead of the “emotion” system Super Princess Peach had, we can have a “STYLE” system.

Each character has a “Normal”/“Paper”/“Sports” style to them, and depending on the situation you’ll need to swap between them to solve puzzles, reach new platforms, or beat different enemies.

Now you may be asking “WHY FOUR CHARACTERS”, simple.

Super Mario Bros 2? 4 Characters.
New Super Mario Bros Wii? 4 Characters.
New Super Mario Bros WiiU? 4 Characters.
New Super LUIGI U? 4 Characters.
New Super Mario 3D World? 4 Characters.

See where I’m kind of going with this?

Imagine “Super Princess Peach U”, FOUR characters, FOUR unique playstyles, and most importantly… CO-OP!

Lately the main Mario game series has a focus on “Playing Together”, so why should these ladies be treated to any less?

There’s so much to these characters that can be explored, who they are, why they would go on an adventure, what their unique abilities could do…the possibilities are ENDLESS!

See all those styles?  How about putting them all into ONE world.

(Admittedly I’m super disappointed that Vivian has no other “styles”, and would absolutely kill to see her represented in the different styles, and just INCLUDED more).

What do YOU think?  Would you play this game?  Have any ideas that would make this game even BETTER?

P.S. More Vivian, pls.