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Photo Set #1 - 1955

1. Playground, Times Square, 1955, Frank Paulin 

2. Albert Einstein’s Princeton Office Hours After He Died, 1955, Ralph Morse

3. High School Hangout, 1955, Art Shay

4. Marilyn Monroe, 1955, Ed Feingersh

5. Self Portrait, New York, 1955, Vivian Maier 

6. Glenn Gould listens intensely while a section of his Bach’s Golderg Variations is played back, Columbia recording studio, New York, 1955, Gordon Parks 

7. Eliot Porter, New York, 1955, Ellen Auerbach

8. Girl on Desk Performing for Seated Girl, 1955, William Gedney

9. Istanbul, 1955, Ara Guler 

10. Factory, Budapest, Hungary, 1955, Ernö Vadas

❝I came to Columbia because I believed in God and because I believed in honor. But Slate has shown me this: there is no God in shutting our brothers out from the family of man, and there is no honor in defending those who are strangers to its meaning.❞

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✚ Independent roleplay blog for Lance Corporal Vivian Monroe of Bioshock Infinite ✚

A True Soldier
Vivian Monroe
A True Soldier

God makes all kinds of soldiers, but he only made one Cornelius Slate.

My father followed him up San Juan Hill, through the legations in Peking,

and - as he put it - “through hell, the order was given.”

At today’s muster, Slate asked me if I was Sergeant Monroe’s daughter.

I said, “Yes, sir, I am.” Slate said,

“Your father always wanted a son.

I hope the fool has wisdom enough to recognize his good fortune.”