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Hi! I have started a brand new group chat on the app called LINE for LOOΠΔ and it’s members. It is called LOOΠΔVERSE and it is open to everyone and anyone; casual fans and hardcore fans. Here is what I’d like to achieve (ideally) for the group/what you should expect from joining:

- I’d like to host album giveaways for people who can’t afford to support the girls through their physical releases. The giveaways will be held when we reach a certain number of members/views and milestones on their videos.  I’ll take care of all the cost + shipping. I just want everyone to feel included in supporting the girls.

- I’d like to have an overall fun and positive environment for people/fans to showcase their support for the girls and whatnot. A nice safe place for fans to make friends with one and other and to be able to stay updated on releases/news.

- I’d like to host movie night streams (weekly or monthly depending on everyone’s schedule) where members can vote on what they’d like to watch and what days would be most convenient.

- I’d like to host events/weeks dedicated to each girl where we focus on boosting the views of their videos (mv, dance practice, live, etc) so that the older releases don’t get forgotten.

Please RE-BLOG this post if you’re interested in joining and I’ll PM you for your LINE information + invite you to the group. If you have any questions, my ask box is OPEN. I have more in mind and we can definitely expand and move forward but these are my ideas for now and I hope that we can all just chill and have fun together.

ahh so yesterday @btscoloringbookproject dropped its finished version! finally! it’s so amazing!!! there’s just so, so, sooo much good art. i’m so glad to have been a part of it. thanks to @oll1vian for being so proactive, organized, and just generally wonderful!! what an inhuman task. i’m still having difficulty believing you actually put this together. it turned out Beautiful. 

whelp, here’s my page! please check out the coloring book for the full, high-resolution version. my lines are on pg 78 :) maybe i’ll color this later but knowing me i’ll forget haha i hope you guys have fun coloring <3


NAME   김지양 (Vivian Geeyang Kim)

Height             5’38”(165cm)

Bust                39’

Waist               32’

Hips                38’

Dress size       8or10

Shoe size        7.5

Hair color         Black

Eye color         Brown


Sep 30 2010      미국 최초/최대 플러스사이즈 패션위크 Full Figured Fashion Week(end) LA 데뷔


-Hips and Curve

-Plush Boutique


-Youthery Khmer

Nov 3 2012       트리니다드토바고에서 개최된 캐리비안 플러스사이즈 패션위크 CPFW 2012 인터내셔널 모델로 초청

-Lesa Gonzales,

-Heather Jones Designs Ltd

-Dexter Jennings


Nov 11 2012      LS1426 Fashion Week (Host : America’s next top model 시즌8 플러스사이즈 모델 최초 우승자 휘트니 톰슨)

-Franovik Designs

-Angel Myers

-Beach Bling Swimwear


2011                베네통코리아 UNITED COLORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY_ TOP20 입상

타이틀 ”Nomatter what, You are beautiful”

2011                아메리칸어패럴 플러스사이즈모델 컨테스트_American Apparel Next Big Thing

온라인 투표부문 전세계 991명 중 8위


I’m worried for our species, genuinely. 
It’s the year 2015. It’s the 21st Century.
You’d think we would have reached a means of understanding equality. Regardless of your gender, you are a human being. Just as much a human being as the next man or woman, boy or girl that you encounter. 

Bare with me now,
but it is commonly known that all matter (so, everything that exists in the physical realm) is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. 
Which actually means, that you are the exact same thing as everything that is currently surrounding you at this point in time, but in a different form. 

down to what everything is made of, we are literally One.
We need to stop giving into the illusion of separation. Whether your name is Greg or Larry or Jim or Harry, or Sally or Kim or Vivian or Justine, or whatever, whether you like The Goo Goo Dolls or you like System Of A Down, whether the colour blue is something you find appealing or something that irritates you (though if that is the case, I hope you enjoy Tumblr’s default dashboard wallpaper), I mean, yadeyadeya, you know where I’m going with this:


You and I are living, breathing organisms, aspects of the Universe that are conscious of ourselves. Just as much as each other.
Next time you see something that contradicts your beliefs,
instead of assuming you need to deem it incorrect, instead of jumping to the conclusion that you are right and the opposing is wrong, instead of staring in judgement, take a moment to allow yourself to renew yourself and
wonder in curiosity… 
Allow yourself to be taken away by whatever it is that crosses your path, causing you to question your own perception on anything and everything.
Allow yourself to grow and change and learn and remember that everything that you think you know could potentially be wrong.

We need to remember that a good portion of what we know about the way that the world works is mostly conditioned information passed down by generations that have learnt through structured systematic education. We can’t rely on a lot of what is taught. We, the people, need to trust ourselves enough to live in a Humane fashion and respect Life in all of it’s shapes and forms, before it’s too late, if we live the same way our species have over the course of History and don’t allow ourselves to be the change, we’re going to continue to destroy ourselves and the beautiful organic planet we call Earth along with us.

We have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love and the community, to produce a kind of Human paradise, but we are led by the least among us - the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.” - Terence McKenna