vivian huang


So… after the awesome responses I got from my original Sherlock Tabloid, I’ve decided to make this into a series, OBSERVE! I will publish a new issue every week and the cover stories will range from BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Miranda, Harry Potter, etc. If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know! :3

katy perry :)

okie so here’s what happened when I met katy:

I’ll skip the boring details, where we had to wait in this room for like 2 hours before even getting to see her.

anyways, I finally got to go into the room where she was, omg she was so pretty and it was quite a surprise to see her as a ginger, nonetheless she was gorgeous and I was just so starstruck ! I waited patiently in line as I got closer and closer. And then finally it was my turn.

katy: heey sweetie, how are you?

me: (shaking) umm good [LOL I’M SUCH A DORK]

katy: what’s your name honey?

me: vivian

katy: *starts signing my perfume

me: oh katy, it’s my bday today ! :)

katy: oh wow! how old are you now?

me: 17

katy: aww happy birthday, isn’t this a great surprise

me: yeah it’s amazing, and katy I have a gift for you! (I pull out a bracelet I made out of guitar picks) It’s made out of guitar picks and I tried to include a lot of beach charms to fit in with your california girls theme

katy: oh it’s lovely ! help me put it on.

(I help her put it on)

katy: I’ll definitely use them well, do you play guitar?

me: well, i’m learning right now

katy: oh that’s good!

not only did she sign my perfume, but she wrote happy birthday on it as well and she signed the box too! she wrote “v-love, katy perry” on the box and “vivian, happy birthday” on the perfume. we then took a lot of photos together and lastly she hugged me goodbye.

was seriously the best bday ever, and she’s seriously the sweetest ! adore her !