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Honestly I’m here for High Lady Viviane + High Lady Feyre friendship 200%. Just imagine:
- The two of them forcing their mates on group activities and double dates.
- Feyre and Viviane chilling at important meetings and poking fun at all the other High Lords.
- Viviane and Feyre making slightly inappropriate jokes that freak out the High Lords.
- Viviane and Feyre standing by each other and being badass High Ladies together.
- Viviane sending cute lil foxes in vests with messages to Feyre and Feyre sending back terrifying creatures of the night.
- Of course both are badass and amazing in their own right but the two of them together is just downright scary.

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13 Vivillias

It’s safe to say that we need more Viviane and Kallias. If we could get a prequel about them AND an epilogue where Viviane becomes High Lady I would be greatly pleased! But alas here is a headcanon to feed the Vivillias feels!

Soft Spot/Weakness:

- Viviane enjoys exploring the outdoors and visiting with the woodland creatures.

- Kallias makes it a point to join her on these excursions (even if it means pushing back court meetings)

- Viviane will remove her gloves and pet the messenger foxes, deer and the occasional polar bear (much to Kallias’s alarm)

- When the couple head back toward their home, Kallias will take his own gloves off to rub warmth into Vivian’s freezing hands.

- He’ll even place a kiss on her knuckles that brings a shiver of delight to his wife.

- And since they have a moment of privacy Kallias is more willing to be open with his affections.

- This makes Viviane more daring when it comes to her husband.

“Kallias my lips are quite chilled. Would you mind warming them up?”

- The heat in Kallias eyes in that moment cause a warm blush to spread on Viviane’s cheeks.

“Of course my love,” Kallias says before pulling her close and kissing her.

- Again. And again.

- Kallias takes that moment to lift Viviane clear off her feet and to winnow them to their bedroom where he makes sure that every inch of her is warmed to his touch.

- Viviane also makes sure to take Kallias out skating or sledding.

- She was quite surprised the first time when Kallias fell down on his butt the first time they made their way onto the ice.

- A laugh bubbled from Viviane before she could stop herself as she tried to help Kallias up.

“And here I thought you said you were a master at ice-skating,” Viviane said.

“I’m a bit out of practice,” Kallias grunted as he tried to steady himself to stand.

- But the embarrassment of the fall was worth hearing Viviane’s laugh.

- Even more so when Kallias tugged Viviane down toward him so she fell on top of him.

- This brought out a chorus of laughter from the two as they stayed in that position with their noses touching and arms wrapped each other.

- For Kallias he adores watching Viviane smile.

- After being held captive Under the Mountain, the High Lord of Winter sees every moment his mate grin and laugh as precious.

- His hands unconsciously will reach for her during meetings. Ensuring that she is still there. That they are together…and will never be separated again.

- Viviane senses this. And without a second thought she will entwine their fingers together.

- When Kallias has experienced a tedious day of work Viviane will make him hot chocolate and peppermint cookies that he loved during their childhood.

- Kallias’s worries melt the moment he catches wind of the sweet scents.

- Once Viviane and Kallias have polished off the plate of cookies, the High Lord gives his wife a deep kiss.

- The flavor of peppermint is on their tongues, but better yet they both get a taste of their beloved mate.

- Sometimes Viviane will bring in a baby messenger fox to play with in their bedroom.

- When Kallias finds Viviane playing with the fox he will give her “the look”.

- To which Viviane responds by giving her own innocent pouty face (and the fox mimics Viviane so poor Kallias is not faced with not one, but two adorable expressions.)

“Fine,” Kallias sighs in defeat. “The fox can stay-”

“Thank you Kal!” Viviane runs up to him and hugs him tightly with a bright smile on her face.

“Just do not let him on my boots,” Kallias says which brings out a nervous chuckle from Viviane. A clear sign that means one of his boots has already fallen victim to the little messenger.

- At the end of the day it is expected that the High Lord and his wife to be nestled in front of a fireplace.

- Viviane tucked securely against Kallias as they talk about fond memories of their past.

- And when Viviane falls asleep to the sound of her mate’s heartbeat, Kallias will gently pick her up and settle her under the covers before joining her in sleep.

And here we have Lucy, Amanda, Grippy Beltino, Vivian, and Krystal. Originally I didn’t want to do any of these characters or at the very least Lucy, Amanda, and Krystal due to the fact that Krystal is a very divisive character and Amanda and Lucy had came from the worst game in the Star Fox series Command so there was like no motivation for me to draw them however after some convincing from other people I decided why not and might as well add some citizens with Vivian or expand the Cornaria Army with Beltino since they were mentions of these two dating back to 64 this is probably officially the last one as I have no motivation to do Dash Bowman or General Scales or Tricky who knows but for now this is the last Star Fox work I’m going to be doing for a while so I hope you enjoy this along with my other drawings.


Prompt I randomly found and wrote an unorganized fic for.

Kallias x Viviane (Kalliane?)

“He was slipping away before her eyes, feeling the call of another time.”

Viviane thought they were free of Amarantha. But she lurks, a ghost in their minds. When Viviane closed her eyes she never knew what she would see. Sometimes she saw nothing, just an empty blackness. Sometimes she saw a little girl with snow white hair and glacier blue eyes, playing in the snow. But there were times where she was locked in that city, receiving the news of the dozens of children who were slaughtered. Sometimes she heard their mother’s screams and their father’s roars.

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