vivian fox

  • Vivian: Um, sir. You're facing the wrong way.
  • Andrew: (Turns around and laughs) ALRIGHT GIVE ME THE MONEY!
  • Vivian: Will that be from your checking and savings account?
  • Andrew: Savings.
  • Vivian: May I see some identification?
  • Andrew: Sure (hands ID) Here you go.
  • Vivian: Thank you. (Pulls up Andrews account)
  • Vivian: Sir, we are showing 0 dollars and 0 cents for both of your accounts.
  • Andrew: Oh.
  • Vivian: NEXT.

Prompt I randomly found and wrote an unorganized fic for.

Kallias x Viviane (Kalliane?)

“He was slipping away before her eyes, feeling the call of another time.”

Viviane thought they were free of Amarantha. But she lurks, a ghost in their minds. When Viviane closed her eyes she never knew what she would see. Sometimes she saw nothing, just an empty blackness. Sometimes she saw a little girl with snow white hair and glacier blue eyes, playing in the snow. But there were times where she was locked in that city, receiving the news of the dozens of children who were slaughtered. Sometimes she heard their mother’s screams and their father’s roars.

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