vivian dances

When they ask me how much I love you, I will tell them about the nights we cracked the skies, the way your lips were soft clouds and I kissed them even when they were full of rain.
I will tell them how our heavy breaths were thunder, how it was too beautiful to walk away from your rainstorm smile, the way thunder drips from your mouth.
You tell me I’m sunset, say I’m everywhere and some skies are just worth the fall and you hold me like you’re drowning in colours
When they ask, I will tell them about the lightning storms, every spark, every time you filled up my collarbones with lighter fluid, every time you touched me with flames.
I dare to say that somewhere the stars are watching and they’re cheering me on
The light pouring through the trees means they like who i’m dancing with.
—  Vivian

Vivian Ruiz, Stars Dance Studio
Fur Elise

Dexterity Score: 8.65 || Artistic Score: 8.65
Round 1 Contemporary Score: 8.65
Pre-Professional Category (Age 14-16)
World Ballet Competition 2017

Music: Fur Elise - Beethoven

Vivian was the highest scoring contemporary dancer in her age division for Round 1! Her scores ranged from 7.25 to 9.75, with the highest being a 10.00!


Vivian Ruiz - Dissonance 

Solo for teen best dancer

stars dance studio

smitten | Jeon Jungkook


Word Count: 1,137

Pairing: jeon jungkook x idol!reader

Jungkook really needs to get a grip, both on his phone and his feelings for a certain popular idol; You. 

Jungkook really needs to take better care of his phone.

It’s something he has known for the longest time, yet there is always some way, somehow that his precious iPhone is getting harmed. Be it dropped or stepped on or that one time when he accidentally left it in the pocket of his jeans and then washed them, or that other time when he’d meant to toss it onto his bed but greatly overthrew and got it lodged into the wall…

Jungkook shakes his head at the memory as he lays on his bed. The male recalls the immediate wash of regret that clouded his body as soon as he saw the white of plaster trickle onto the bed. He cocks his head back and gazes between the metal of the headboard. Despite the darkness of the room, his eyes catch sight of the slightly off white patch of color on the wall. It was that spot exactly that he’d gotten his phone stuck and it’s a constant reminder that he needs to be careful. He lets his head relax, gaze trickling back to the very device he is thinking about.

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TDA Orlando 2017 - Best Dancers and Runner Ups

Mini Female

Winner: Hailey Bills - Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre
1st runner up: Dyllan Blackburn - Project 21
2nd runner up: Mariella Saunders - Jean Leigh Academy of Dance
3rd runner up: Cameron Voorhees - Evolve Dance Complex

Mini Male

Winner: Stefano Bonomo - Elite Danceworx
1st runner up: Nicholas Bustos - Stars Dance Studio
2nd runner up: Luke Barrett - Dance Attack

Junior Female

Winner: Bella Klassen - YYC Dance Project
1st runner up: Jezzaeyah Slack - Joanne Chapman School of Dance
2nd runner up: Brooke Judge - Dance Town

Junior Male

Winner:  Brady Farrar - Stars Dance Studio
1st runner up:  Jackson Rolof - Stars Dance Studio
2nd runner up: Hans Anderson - Summit Dance Shoppe

Teen Female

Winner: Quinn Starner - Stars Dance Studio
1st runner up:  Kelis Robinson - Elite Danceworx
2nd runner up: Vivian Ruiz - Stars Dance Studio
3rd runner up: Anessa Zivic - Denisse Wall Dance Energy

Teen Male

Winner: Findlay McConnell - Elite Danceworx 
1st runner up: Joziah German - Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre
2nd runner up:  Julian Lombardi - Canadian Dance Unit

Senior Female

Winner: Payton Johnson - Jean Leigh Academy of Dance
1st runner up: Jessy Lipke - Elite Danceworx
2nd runner up:  Sidney Ramsey - Columbia City Jazz

Senior Male

Winner: Wyeth Walker - Denise Wall Dance Energy
1st runner up: Michael Novitski - Vlad’s Dance Company
2nd runner up: Benjamin Peralta - Britney Boyd Dance Company