vivian cruz

  • Vivian: …Damn it, I have to be upfront with you, don’t I? *chuckles* Okay…I can…do this, I think…*takes a deep breath*
  • Ryouhei: *still confused*
  • Vivian: The bits about me bein’ with ya…when I said you were spoken for…and that kiss…that was me confessin’. I want to…d…*nearly chokes but quickly says it* I want to date you, damn it! *puts her hand over her face*
  • Ryouhei: You want… to date me…? But… *blushes* How come you can like a guy like me that much, I’m not even strong or anything girls would like…
  • Vivian: Heh… *keeps her hand on her face, recovering from her direct confession* You dunno that. I like what I like. I’m the opposite, since I’m “one of the guys”. I ain’t got anything guys like…save for tits.
  • Ryouhei: Oh… *laughs blushing* If you say so, I’d… really love to… go out on a date with you. *rubs his cheeks*
  • Vivian: *her heart begins to beat faster* T-then its settled. You’re on! *uncontrollably grins, finally showing her face again* You can prove your “strength” to me, too. You set up the details.
  • Ryouhei: *nods* S-sure. *blushes*
  • Vivian: Good, cuz’ I’m holdin’ ya to that. You’re lucky I’m used to forgetful people.
  • Ryouhei: Oh, you are used to that…? *scratches his head*
  • Vivian: Yep, my Boss is very forgetful. Its why I’m holding you to making the details of our date. If you can’t, then we’ll have to start over. Don’t make me have to pin you to the ground to remember things.
  • Ryouhei: I doubt I’ll forget it, but… well I’ll do my best to not forget… *sweats*
  • Vivian: Good… *approaches him, very close, whispering* I’m currently staying in Payon, for now…so now you know where to find me. *she quickly kisses his cheek, then walks away from him* I’ll be seeing you then.