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Example of racial diversity: Out of the Box

This show qualifies as an example of racial diversity through the hosts, Vivian Bayubay McLaughlin, a Filipino-American woman, and Tony James, an African-American man, along with the extremely diverse cast of children that can be seen on the show. It taught arts and crafts, often using materials that could be found in most American households, as well as creativity (hence the name, thinking ‘out of the box’). The show would also tell and act out stories from different viewpoints and cultures.

Today, I met Vivian McLaughlin (formerly Vivian Bayubay) from Disney’s ‘Out of the Box.’ She paid a visit to our performing arts program with some tips and advice on how to audition for musicals, etc. As the workshop took course, several people got up voluntarily to present their audition piece to her, the director, and the class. It was one of those opportunities that people want but at the same time fear. My intimidation only grew as the talented performers sang. That’s what I have to follow up on, I kept thinking, I can’t measure up to that. But I wanted to do this; that’s what I signed up for. So I grew some balls and mustered up the courage to decide to perform. I made up my mind and the only option I gave myself was how well or how badly it was going to go. I was nervous… super nervous – the kind of nervous that made my palms sweaty and my heart pound. But eventually it was my turn to show what I’ve got. So I wiped my clammy hands off on my pants and stood center stage.

“Hi! My name is Karl Pua,” I cheerfully said with a nervous laugh, “and I’m going to be singing All I Need is the Girl from 'Gypsy.’”

I took a breath and it hit me: shit, what is the first line to the song? I opened my mouth to sing and thankfully the words just came out as Vivian smiled and nodded at me encouragingly during my performance. The next thing I knew, it was over and I was still alive. She gave me some advice on how to better the piece and I could not help but think of how much of a theatrical genius she is. I feel honored to have worked with her personally. And to end the day, Vivian sang the famous, nostalgia-inducing Goodbye Song, as the whole class harmonically joined her without hesitation.

Goodbye for now, until we meet again :)