vivian and clair

This is fairly primitive, but I wanted to whip together a height chart for everyone!

This is just a compilation of previous pieces, so they’re not quite in the same style, which is noticeable in the Reese and Vivian, since they’re an older drawings.

When drawn, heights may vary slightly, and focus more on displaying which characters are taller, and by roughly how much. However, these are the “canon” heights that I have been working with.

Sugar and Toony are shown at their default size, since their physiology can change. Toony can be stretched or squashed to be larger or smaller, while Sugar can only get larger.

The reader is another sister of Claire and then she realizes that Owen is actually not what Claire said he's like...

Owen Grady x reader

Requested by: Anon

“Owen, can you please just help us?” You heard your sister Claire yelling in angry voice, while you were waiting for her in the car. She had gone to Owen’s house to ask him for help with a new dinosaur. But you noticed that she had gone there against her will. Your nephew Gray looked at you worried.
“What’s happening?” He asked peering out the window.
“I don’t know. But it shouldn’t be nothing serious.” You said with your eyes fixed on that man. You opened the door to the air circulate, and also to better understand what was going on. Claire was so nervous and kept shaking her foot, but he was relaxed and even laughed a few times.
“I’m tired of being here. Let’s get out!” Zach said while he was opening the door. You followed him to stop him from approaching them.
“Hey, Zach, stop it! Don’t interrupt them, is not nice!” But it was too late. Zach was already close to them. He stopped near the Owen’s motorcycle. He strolled around her, watching it closely. Owen glanced at him and walked over there, leaving Claire talking to herself. You also rushed to Zach.
“Do you like it?” Owen asked to Zach.
“Yeah! It’s pretty cool. Can I ride it?”
“Zach! I’m sorry for my nephew’s bad manners.” You headed to Owen. He looked at you, then to Claire, and again to you. He seemed slightly confused. You and Claire looked really alike. Your nose, red hair, and even the eyes were the same. But there was a difference, you were clearly younger than her.
“Nephew?” He questioned clueless.
“Oh, yeah…I’m Claire’s younger sister, (Y/N).” Claire stood in the middle of the two of you.
“And that’s Zach, and Gray. They came to visit the park. Owen, can we finish our conversation? Now.” Owen stared at you and you felt a little uncomfortable.
“Please, go on. It was our fault…I’m sorry once again.” You apologized to them and pushed Zach into the car. Gray followed you and you three waited in the car. Your sister and Owen continued their conversation, but, he was glancing at the car too often. It looked like they were talking about you. And they were, but you couldn’t hear it.

“So…she’s your sister? How old is she?” He smirked at Claire.

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