vivi final fantasy

“… and this time I captured the heart of a princess.”

I love the moogles at the save points in FF9. Since they “write” everything down, I always imagine my party telling them the story thus far.

How can this game be one of the cutest and simultaneously one of the saddest. ;_;♥

So I was looking up Sonic stuff on Wikipedia, and got to some voice actors. Now, Sally Acorn, this girl:

Is voiced by Kath Soucie, who also plays Nicole on the same Sonic show. But Kath Soucie also voices Vivi in World of Final Fantasy, this cute little fella:

But, to my further shock and amazement, she’s even voiced in a Disney film as a character I like. She plays Nick Wilde during the flashback to his younger years:

But APPARENTLY, she also does the voice for LOLA BUNNY IN SPACE JAM:

Basically, Kath Soucie seems to be typecast as either “cute” or “furry”. Voice actor stuff is wild.