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This isn’t an au btw (excuse Max’s feminine pose,,,)

I decided to draw [teen]Nikki, Neil, and Max as another trio that, sorta, act like them! The Mystery Skull gang! (Guess who Mystery is…) I got the idea when I was watching “Journey to Spooky Island.”

I mean, look at em! Who else can see it?

Concept design sketch of my MM OC, Vivi, for my Blind Princess/Knight AU…thing. Pft. Thanks to this one encouraging anon for giving me the push to actually do this. I’ll eventually draw a concept design for Zen the Knight.


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if the others are dressed as bt21 characters shouldnt hobi have a mask and legit jk be shirtless showing off his (penciled in) abs ?????

well actually its more of like.. clothing renditions… i guess.. like you see that tae does not have a full on heart for a head but its a scarf instead

and like for jk its just a turtleneck

Ladies Night

Hey everyone! I wanted to thank everyone who liked and reblogged my previous drabble, it really inspired me to continue doing things like this! Hope you enjoy! (Also side note: I would love to see some art of this, I can’t stop laughing at the thought)

“Vivi please! Don’t do this!” Arthur cried out, trying to scramble away.

“You brought this upon yourself, Arthur.” Vivi said, grinning maniacally.

“Stop! You don’t want to do this!” he wailed

“Trust me, it’s better if you don’t resist.” Lewis sighed sympathetically from behind Vivi, where he had already suffered a taste of her wrath.

“Vivi no!”

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One Day

Kai: Sehun what are you doing to Vivi?

Sehun: *puts on Luis Vatton shoes on Vivi* Vivi and I are going out for some bubble tea.

Kai: But doggies are suppose to be happy and free not suffocating in designer clothing!

Sehun: Vivi is a socphicated, clever and handsome doggy. He’s not a ruffian like monggu. *Picks of Vivi and sashys away*

Kai: One day I’ll save you vivi, one day you’ll have your freedom, one day…

*door slams in the distance*

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Are you still open for prompts? Could you maybe do one for LewViThur, where Lewis and Vivi panic over Arthur's well being? Maybe something like Arthur getting trapped somewhere- A freezer or a burning room, maybe even somewhere filled with some kind of toxic gas, and don't get to him untill it's almost to late? To the point where he's not dead, but really out of it and not in good condition- Something that'll give Lew and Vi a good scare! But of course, Artie ends up ok!


When he was a kid, Arthur had loved to go to magic shows.

He was always captivated by the flair and the showmanship; big red curtains, sequined outfits, magic words and the spontaneous appearance of rabbits almost never failed to brighten his mood. He’d even learned a few slight of hand and card tricks, himself, at the height of it all, and he’d been pretty good. 7 times out of 10, he always picked the right card.

But magic was suddenly a lot more serious when the chains were around you, and the keys to the holding tank were nowhere in sight.

Arthur decided then that he didn’t like magic shows anymore.

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