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Ladies Night

Hey everyone! I wanted to thank everyone who liked and reblogged my previous drabble, it really inspired me to continue doing things like this! Hope you enjoy! (Also side note: I would love to see some art of this, I can’t stop laughing at the thought)

“Vivi please! Don’t do this!” Arthur cried out, trying to scramble away.

“You brought this upon yourself, Arthur.” Vivi said, grinning maniacally.

“Stop! You don’t want to do this!” he wailed

“Trust me, it’s better if you don’t resist.” Lewis sighed sympathetically from behind Vivi, where he had already suffered a taste of her wrath.

“Vivi no!”

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More adventures with photography, fashion and traveling:
Citrus colors, smokey wildfire winds, sand made of fish bones and sunsets.
Salton Sea, California

Dress: ModCloth
Hat: Vintage from Etsy (with repaired modern veiling)
Shoes/Belt/Gloves: Upcycled and customized for this outfit.


It was a lovely day at the park, today. 
I had an audience of kids watching me. 
“She’s so beautiful." 
*dreamy sigh*
Kids are so honest… and I’ve been feeling shy about leaving the house, lately (I’ve been staying in and training my ballet muscles).  So, their love meant a lot to me. 

Dress:  Sabrina maxi by SWAK designs.

anonymous asked:

Are you still open for prompts? Could you maybe do one for LewViThur, where Lewis and Vivi panic over Arthur's well being? Maybe something like Arthur getting trapped somewhere- A freezer or a burning room, maybe even somewhere filled with some kind of toxic gas, and don't get to him untill it's almost to late? To the point where he's not dead, but really out of it and not in good condition- Something that'll give Lew and Vi a good scare! But of course, Artie ends up ok!


When he was a kid, Arthur had loved to go to magic shows.

He was always captivated by the flair and the showmanship; big red curtains, sequined outfits, magic words and the spontaneous appearance of rabbits almost never failed to brighten his mood. He’d even learned a few slight of hand and card tricks, himself, at the height of it all, and he’d been pretty good. 7 times out of 10, he always picked the right card.

But magic was suddenly a lot more serious when the chains were around you, and the keys to the holding tank were nowhere in sight.

Arthur decided then that he didn’t like magic shows anymore.

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Ghost Fanfic - Best Served Cold - 18


Note: Thanks for the patience, weekends I tend to be around my laptop less lately. Better rested and ready to write now. So the characters belong to MysteryBen and Artsy. Click Here to read Chapter 17.


            “Squire!” The cave was falling in on him, everything was cracking apart and crumbling, and somewhere Mystery was howling. “Squire!” He couldn’t move his own body. Someone was holding his arms and the cave kept crumbling.


            The cave vanished as his eyes shot open. There was no cave-in, just Vivi shaking him as hard as she could.


            “Vivi I just got him a little calmer last night!” Lewis complained from Arthur’s mouth.

            “It’s an emergency!” Vivi dropped him and ran over to Arthur’s clothes pile on the floor, grabbing a few things. “I woke up to four missed calls from the vet.” She chucked her phone and a handful of froot-of-the-looms in various stages of cleanliness at his head.

            “Arthur!” Lewis practically shrieked, clawing the underwear away. “You STILL don’t wash them right away?”

            After his right arm finished swatting away the pungent undergarments, he yanked it around to scoop up the phone, clicking straight to the voicemails and putting it on speaker. Doctor Noble’s harried voice came on loud and clear.

            You have four new messages. First new message: Hello, Vivi? Doctor Noble here, we need you and your friend, ah what’s on the paperwork… Lewis, to come back quickly. Mystery is starting to wake up, and he’s showing signs of severe anxiety. Please call back. End of first message. Second new message. Hello Vivi? Doctor Noble again. We’ve had to sedate Mystery, he’s not ready to be moving like he is and he’s made three escape attempts, please call me soon. It might help him calm down to see you. End of second message. Third new message. Vivi? Vivi, what breed is this dog? Our normal sedatives aren’t working! I don’t want to have to pull out the larger tranquilizers but Mystery is beginning to display threatening behavior and he needs to be contained so no harm comes to our other patients. Call me now! End of third message. Fourth new message. VIVI YOU AND LEWIS NEED TO GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU LEFT HERE BUT YOU NEED TO COME GET IT! End of fourth message. There are no new messages in your mailbox.

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The evening breeze caught the luscious silk fabric on the Cabiria Stefania dress making it cling to my body shapes.  I love the modern/retro fusion that runs throughout Eden Miller’s line.  

I am addicted to vintage/pinup styling (which I think is pretty obvious from my posts. heh).  But, I am always envious of smaller women who can find elegant modest vintage finds at thrift stores and consignment shops. 
At my size, the only vintage items I have an easy time finding… are hats (and my head is rather large, so even those are a challenge).  As much as I love the full sweep pinup swing dress silhouette that has become the spirit animal of the pinup/rockabilly revolution (in fact, I have a bunch to post soon that I am very excited about!)… sometimes I want to wear something vintage/retro inspired that is less cliche and a bit more understated. 

Cabiria was the first ever exclusively plus size line to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week.  Is it weird that I feel rather honored to be wearing a part of plus size fashion history? 

I plan to write more about my love affair with this dress, brand and designer, soon!
I just had to share this photo with you asap.