N tem um fascinio pa lumi, k parcem ninguem ka ta intende! Eh pa nhos vivel sima mi .. Eh pa nhos observa natureza na se midjor !

The conversation:

Tutuxa- Silvia eh crazy
Kaka- Panha raio pa lumi pp
Big D- Ma a good type of crazy
Tutuxa- Silvia, Silvia
Erhlo- *giggles* tarada por lume
Moi- Pm k nhos ta associa lumi a psicopata?

howlingvoid-archive  asked:

Crossing guards are so chill. I live by an elementary school and they even cross me over to the other side. Me, a 23 year old. It's sweet and any kids around are so adorable. Ahhh I love it.

They are!! I loooooove crossing guards! Some of the absolute sweetest people! The lady’s name today was Vivelle, and it was an absolute pleasure meeting her!