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Love is blind || Jehan & Ahk

Jehan had been in the midst of his morning ritual. After he woke up, he took a shower, got dressed and went on his way for a stroll through the park. After exactly thirty-seven minutes of walking, he got to the coffee shop he visited every morning. Anne, the girl who worked there every day, immediately walked with him to his spot in the corner of the shop, before she went to get him his usual cup of tea. As he wrapped his thin fingers around the steaming cup, he had a short conversation with Anne. It was always the same. First they talked about his poetry, then about the weather, then about another one of her crushes. However, that morning had been different. While still in the middle of talking about one of his new poems, the young girl interrupted him. “It seems you have a guest,” she whispered. Jehan heard the footsteps drawing closer. Somewhat light, but still heavy in its own way, a sort of certainty combined with a hint of doubt. “Regular guest?” he asked the girl, who softly answered with a ‘no’. “I… see.”

quick jehan/r drabble because of all the talk about capital r Romantics, and occasionally jehan is more byron than shelley, and because oh my god i’m so bored i’m only a week into summer break and already bored??

(warning for discussion of depression & self-harm)


“Your music today is the same color as your voice when you laugh.”

Jehan was laid out on the couch, eyes fixed on cobwebs on the ceiling dressed as cracks and letters. The spiders were never there, but their footsteps danced above like ghosts.

(Maybe that’s what ghosts were, really, footsteps and letters that no one ever cleared out. It meant they still had time.)

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ok so this is who i have for ~~les amies~~ in case you were wondering

  • combeferre - michelle rodriguez
  • courfeyrac - stoya
  • joly - ellen page
  • bossuet - rashida jones
  • musichetta - rosario dawson
  • feuilly - fo porter
  • bahorel - lauren cohan
  • jehan - fan bingbing
  • grantaire - eva green
  • marius - kristen stewart
  • enjolras - basically still andrej pejic

& keeping samantha barks as éponine and amanda seyfried as cosette bc im lazy


sunjolras replied to your photo: i hate you so fucking much right now

if it was combeferre he’d swallow and lean up to pick up where courf left off, whispering it in his ear


(“et ne nos inducas in tentationem,” combeferre says with a smirk as courf lays panting and shaking beside him, like he’s felt the Spirit pass through him and run him dry, and he just laughs loud and sharp while combeferre finishes with an “amen.”)


“That’s true, I’m reluctant to cut anything too much though.” He smiled softly. “It already feel amazing to be honest. It’s funny what hair can do. I just feel very… free.”

“It is because you’re not allowing anyone to tell you what to do. Even if it is something as little as letting your hair grow, it can still mean a lot when people expect you to do the opposite. I’m proud of you, my friend.”

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"Will you marry me?"

Send me “Will you marry me?” and I’ll generate a number from 1-30 to see how my muse responds.
4. “Only if we get to honeymoon at Disneyland.”

When he heard Ahk’s words, a look of shock washed over his face. Of course he had thought about marriage. He always hoped the other would one day ask him, always dreamt of the most beautiful wedding one could ever imagine. But to actually be asked, came as a complete surprise to the poet. “I– Yes. Yes. Of course. Yes. But only if we have our honeymoon at Disneyland,” Jehan grinned widely.

“Grantaire? Is that seat taken?” The poet gently pointed at the seat next to his friend, smiling shortly. They were in the middle of a meeting, but Jehan had not been in the mood to join in the current discussions. Instead he chose to join Grantaire, preferring his company at that moment.

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tell me about your les mis costume design problems


most of my complaints are about enjolras’… attire… mostly, the fact that the xylophone vest has been ESTABLISHED as one of the main visual aspects of his character. i haven’t looked into it enough to know where that started, but it’s been in EVERY musical production that i’ve seen pictures from, so WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE THAT. ~oh, i’m the movie production team, i’m going to make it BETTER, lalala~ that’s like, idk, doing a superman movie without the red cape. yes, you CAN, and it is a choice, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good choice or a necessary choice, and at some point, you’ve just got to step back and go “hm, am i doing something exciting and new, or am i just unnecessarily ruining things?” JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD.

i mean, at least his red jacket wasn’t a bad costume. i don’t agree with the choice of it at all, but it … works… enough…

I AM SO AGAINST THE PURPLE OUTFIT THAT I WANT TO SCREAM THOUGH, because it’s just a bad costume! the colors are weird and they don’t go together and DARK PURPLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? enjolras is a character that’s supposed to stand out, for one, and tossing him in dark cool colors in a sea of dark cool colors doesn’t do that!

AND THEMES. LET’S TALK ABOUT VISUAL THEMES WITH REGARDS TO COSTUMING. enjolras is red. i feel like this is enough of an established thing that we don’t really need to get into that. enjolras is the physical embodiment of the revolution, waving a huge red flag, and enjolras is red. the point of having other characters in colors like blue or brown is so that red’s not overused. (though some characters did have red accents, like combeferre’s and jehan’s cravats and the little pins, which were actually a nice touch! it ties them in as part of the group, visually.) red needs to stand out so that when you see it, you know oh, hey, there’s the fire and fury of the revolution. and WHICH CHARACTER EMBODIES THE FIRE AND FURY OF THE REVOLUTION? it SHOULD be enjolras, but visually, WHO KNOWS BECAUSE HE’S IN A WEIRD DARK PURPLE.

and wow that makes me sound like a huge asshole that i’m getting all up in arms about it, and i wouldn’t be super upset and would just write it off but they got NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR FOR COSTUME DESIGN, SO. it’s one of those things where i’m like UH, if i feel like i could have done a better job, MAYBE you shouldn’t be getting an award.

also please never put poor anne hathaway in anything like that awful pink dress again ok bye

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Can you recommend any appropriately heartbreaking (or any at all) Les Mis works?

why are u doing this to me

NO, OK, UM. i sort of recommend duskjolras’ talk revolution to me, baby series to everyone, and it does definitely have its heartbreaking moments, but mostly it’s just AWESOME. a+ characterizations, would recommend. (ensemble piece, all of the characters pretty much get to shine at some point)

speaking of duskjolras and heartbreaking, i read this drabble earlier and ended up a gross sobbing mess, so that probably qualifies? (strong warning for emotional abuse and also some violence. like, heed the warnings on any of these, but this one deals with abuse pretty heavily.) (duskjolras’ writing is just great in general, i’d definitely recommend checking out her writing tag, ESPECIALLY the one i’ve got saved in my bookmarks as ‘the one with the biting’. JESUS.) (both mentioned here are e/r)

this one by peacewas-neveranoption is actually one of the first les mis fics i bookmarked and it’s mostly super cute, but ALSO I CRIED A LOT? (jehan/courf)

idk, this one makes me sad because grantaire is sad, but also happy because slutty courf is my favorite courf?

aaaahh i wish i could be more helpful, but going through my bookmarks has made me realize how many fics i actually forgot to bookmark? so if you want me to go back and try to find more, feel free to pop by my askbox anytime and i can look!