Holden Omega and I are funding our team rat antics with selling post cards we’re making of full color drawings that we colab on. Regular post card sized ones are 5 dollars. Send us 5 bucks via paypal and we’ll mail you one. The paypal e-mail is
Also we have full sized color card stock versions as well that are 20 dollars. We’ll mail those out in padded envelopes. Help keep us stocked in art pens and spray paint as we infect the west coast!

Go team rat!

On that lost highway

I myself got out of Ashland today. I’m currently in Yreka California. Holden and Jordan are still in Ashland. I got a ride to a rest stop over the Oregon border into California. I then walked most of 10 miles into Yreka but luckily a random dude spared me the last 2-3. While I am fucking exhausted I did get to see some absolutely beautiful places. I walked a rural route over wooded mountain valleys with rapids below.

I do have that certain dread I’ve gotten before being alone in unknown obscure places at the mercy of fate. But thats why I stuck with trying to get a ride in the rain out of Ashland, and why I walked from the rest stop. It’s easy to feel powerless when set out alone in a vast world with a back pack and a sleeping bag. But fuck that. I endure.