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Some people see the new cover preview and Juuzou and they say rip shirazu dragon theory? i am confuse it is gonna be Juuzou or something?

So according to this translation post by @kenkamishiro and @undergroundsky the name of the operation Kouryuugi tself constaints ryu, the character for dragon in it.

Which might be hinting that Juuzou himself is the dragon? However, what the dragon is still seems largely unclear.

Furuta describes it as a final boss, as in using video game terms. Then when we see Furuta’s victory, Game Over flashes on the screen. Which seems to imply that Kaneki loss right now is akin to losing to a final boss in a video game.

He also seems pretty keen and intent on using Juuzou. He specifically set up a situation where Juuzou could not double cross him (No, spending money on this giant bill board to announce the percentage of ghouls we’ve killed was completely necessary. Are you asking the guy in the 20,000 yen suit if he can balance his budget correctly? Come on!)

He also describes his plan as something to rouse those air headed pacifists, and Juuzou is definitely sicked after Hinami and Touka specifically to draw Kaneki out. The plan could have been simply to make Kaneki face this last boss, which he knew due to Kaneki reaching his limit that he would not beat. 

However, the preview of the volume looks much closer to a parallel to Arima’s own place on the cover of volume 13. Since Juuzou has effectively taken his place in the story as the reaper.

However, while I think Kaneki is the most likely candidate for Dragon right now, it’s still possible in my eyes for Shirazu to be featured as a volume cover. Especially since Ishida just suddenly broke the paralellism for the three monkeys thing, only to suddenly switch back to it again.

If Re: continues past 144, I highly doubt that it’s going to finish up all of it’s loose ends in one volume. However, in that case it wouldn’t really be an appropriate parallel to make Kaneki the volume cover.

As the image of shironeki in volume 14 was meant to be a tribute to the resting Kaneki at the time, and has pretty heavy funeral vibes associated to it. However, if this image were paralleled with finally a “Do No Evil” version of Shirazu, it would almost make sense. As this was Kaneki’s final moment in Tokyo Ghoul where he was thought dead at the end of the series, whereas Shirazu in this context would be gaining a volume cover to announce his revival from the dead. 

Or rather his RE: -vival. 


While I’m definitely willing to concede on the Shirazu is dragon theory, it seems super conspicuous to me that Urie had an entire fantasy sequence this chapter about how better his life would be if Shirazu was still alive. Especially in the arc (basically 117-now is what I consider to be one entire arc) where revival from the dead is first significantly suggested, and we already have one character working towards that goal. (121 no less which was awhile ago so it might be paid off soon).  

The timing is way too relevant for me to completely give up on the Shirazu revival theory. 

Thanatos Night Re:Vival Vol 2. Nia: Stellaworth Tokuten (Translation)

Welcome back to Nia ruins my life  _(:3」∠)_

This CD was a preorder bonus for those that bought Nia’s Re:Vival CD from Stellaworth. I had this translation half done for ages and just never got round to finishing it until now >u>;

As usual apologies for any mistakes and please enjoy!

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Ok, so, confession time: I never played Banjo-Kazooie as a kid. I had an N64, but I just never had the money to buy it. Now, as an adult, I’m playing through it for the first time and I am so sad I missed out on it.

Anyway, these two. I was excited for Yooka-Laylee when it was announced, but now that I’m actually playing the game that inspired it, I’m super pumped. If YK is even half as good as BK, I’ll be happy.