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Am I the only one who doesn't think Tate is going to kill Violet, but try and kill/hurt Ben instead? I mean, he said "He wants to separate us." And Violet is screaming "dad, where are you" like he's the one who's in danger.

i think he might do something to ben, in the preview you see ben like fighting rubberman off of him or something, shits going to go down, although i dont know why tate would go after ben, if hes gone shes not going to stay in the house by herself, shes 16….

1hundred-sleeplessnights-blog  asked:

Hi so I really want that 51 Day(s) until I see D.R.U.G.S. thing for my blog because I'm seeing them soon too but I'm stupid and can't figure it out. :3 when I click on the link it brings me to the website but it just shows clocks, not just the text like you have.

You’re not stupid :3  It took me a bit to figure out how to get a simple countdown like that, so I’ll just tell you the steps to get it how I have it :D

  • Put in your time zone and the date/time of the concert
  • Click the “one-liner” countdown
  • Background color: transparent
  • Counter size: Very small
  • Text rows: Just counter
  • Font:  Sans serif
  • Font size: 90%
  • Counter mode:  Total
  • Smallest unit:  Days
  • Keep the other settings the same
  • Choose your colors and border, if you’d like
  • Then get the HTML, paste it in your description where you’d like it.  Theeen add a few spaces and write “until I see DRUGS” or whatever :3

Annnnd, I hope you have fun!