l(o) abete – fir tree
l(o) addobbo – decoration
l(o) albero di Natale – Christmas tree
gli auguri (di Natale) – (Christmas) wishes
Babbo Natale – Santa Claus
la Befana – usually portrayed as a hag riding a flying broomstick, on Epiphany Eve she is said to visit Italian homes to fill with candy the stockings of the children who made her “nice” list (and leave coal to the naughty ones)
il biscotto – cookie
la calza – stocking
il camino – chimney/fireplace
la candela – candle
la caramella – candy
la castagna – chestnut
l(o) elfo – elf
l(a) Epifania – Epiphany
il festone – festoon
il giocattolo – toy
l(o) inverno – winter
le luminarie – (Christmas) lights
il Natale – Christmas
la neve – snow
la pallina (di Natale) – Christmas bauble
il pandoro – sweet yeast bread, typically eaten at Christmas
il panettone – sweet bread containing candied fruit and raisins
il presepe – nativity scene
il pupazzo di neve – snowman
il regalo – present
i re Magi – Three Kings
la renna – reindeer
la slitta – sleigh
la stella cometa – Christmas star (literally, “comet [star]”)
la tombola – common family game, similar to bingo
la vigilia di Natale – Christmas Eve
il vischio – mistletoe

Non so quanta forza hai, perché quella che hai non è come la chiami tu pazienza, quindi mi chiedevo quanta forza hai, dove trovi la voglia di alzarti, lavorare, tornare a casa e cucinare, sorridermi. Come fai a racchiudere i tuoi crolli emotivi in un sospiro lieve ed impercettibile mentre ti siedi, ed io che ti dico parla e tu che guardi me davvero come se fossi l'unica cosa bella in questo mondo e mi dici che non hai nulla da dire, io lo so che menti, forse perché siamo due bugiarde, ma ad ogni modo io lo sento, allora ti dico di nuovo parla e aggiungo che voglio ascoltarti per davvero, tu che hai sempre paura di dar fastidio, tu che gli altri non li calpesti, tu che le parole le pesi con una bilancia tarata al milligrammo, tu sei meravigliosa anche se hai chi ti ripete che tu non sei chissà cosa come donna, se non lo dice sa ricordartelo benissimo, ma non ha ancora capito che qui l'unico che non è chissà cosa è proprio lui.

Tu che valuti come scala di successi i miei sorrisi, per te faccio quelli più belli anche quando non mi va, ma tu li conosci tutti, li sai smascherare anche se non me lo dici.

Ti amo.

Can we romanticize video games the way we do books?

Like you hear all these things about how you can curl up with a book on a rainy day and drink tea and smother yourself in blankets but anytime you hear things about video games it’s always about how you’re wasting your life away yelling into a headset as you play Call of Duty in a basement?

Imagine bundling yourself up on the couch, the sound of rain hitting the roof, and putting on Fable for a few hours. Or getting home after a long day of work. You make yourself a cup of cocoa, put on fuzzy pjs, and play Viva Piñata for hours not giving a second thought to the outside world. Semester just got out? Throw on some Fallout and just take a night to breathe and enjoy.

You aren’t wasting your life away, you’re enjoying it. Games can be just as much an escape as books, except you get to be part of the story.

Uranus in the houses - viva la liberation!

In the 1st House – Liberation of an attitude. Free minded. Unique perspective on life. Quirky “eccentric” personality and opinions. Strong need for a free and unlimited self-expression. Adjusting yourself to fit into expectations of others is the biggest betrayal. Electryfing and magnetic personality. Attracts bizarre, eccentric and underdogs. Stubborn and fixated on their own ideas. Humanitarian. Looking at the bigger picture. Detached yet friendly. Blunt. Shocking atitude that rejects the norm and the ’‘carved path”. Usually they have a strong need to emphasize their style. The way they talk, look and speak – they stand out even if they tried to fit in. They embrace the change and highly value truth and open-mindness.

In the 2nd House – Liberation of values. Money comes and goes fast in their life. They may get money in a way that is considered ’'unique”; ’'different” or just plain “weird”. They can earn a living by doing things related to modern technology (like social media). They values and self-esteem are not stable, they have a lot of ups and downs and can be considered unconventional (it can be shown even through native’s fashion choices, they may like to experiment with how they look like). Their dignity and self-esteem is centered around being independent, unique and modern. That is why they may dislike and rebel against traditional  values taught by their family/society or way of earning money and investing it.

In the 3rd House – Liberation of a mind. Native has unconventional way of processing their thoughts. They have sudden flashes of inspiration and their creativity appear in the most unpredictable moments. They value independence and variety of thoughts. They may have unusual speaking patterns. Their words and ideas may come off as very suprising and they may be considered eccentric and weird (for example by their sibilings or parents if they are an only child).Their relationships with neighbours are also specific and kinda distant. Weird and shocking events may happen during their travels and communicating with others.

In the 4th House – Liberation of a soul. Native is a person with unique experiences and characteristics. Their home life can be described as a very “hot & cold” place and they themselves may appear this way to other family members. It is said that one of the parents was somehow distant from a child. They could not be physically present in the native’s life ( example: work abroad) or be distant emotionally (too logical, chaotic, eccentric). This person nature is changeable yet stubborn. They are very fixated on their own freedom and the need to preserve indviduality in their home life. They had chaotic life. They have unique tastes and usually stand out in the family whether they want it or not.

In the 5th House – Liberation of expression. Natives have an interest for unusual ways to express themselves. They enjoy trying new things and usually have artistic side that is expressed in whatever form they find currently exciting. They have a strong need for a free self-expression without any restrictions which causes them to appear shocking to others since they do not restrict themselves and live true to their nature. Unconventional and rebellious. They may feel drawn to unique or just bizarre lovers. Their romantic stories may end up as quickly as they start. These people are exciting, loving and extremely creative. Their children may be very unique and quite rebellious too.

In the 6th House – Liberation of work. Schedule and routine is almost non-existent. Plans are shattered, unstable and easily change in the blink of an eye. The only predictible thing is their unpredictibility. Altruistic and helpful.They are rebellious and truly despise rules and codes which they consider boring and limiting. They find liberation through following their own type of  ’'schedule”, by being free in their workplace, freely expressing themselves there and not being constantly observed and checked by authorities. They may prefer working alone or similar to 10th House placement as a free-lancer. They may procrastinate a lot. They develop unusual working habits. They may be very responsible or be exactly the other way – reject any kind of responsibility which they can find limiting. Their health may have many ups and downs so they should always take care of themselves. They are very creative and inventive in solving problems and fixing things.

In the 7th House – Liberation of partnerships. Natives wants equality and independent, shocking people with them. They need a lot of freedom in their relationships. Friendship is important part and probably more important than romance itself.They dislike rigid, official and unbalanced relationships and aim to achieve absolute equality with their lovers, friends and business partners. 7th House Uranus person appears shocking, electryfing and magnetic to others. They are liberated and that is who they attract too. They may start relationships really fast but they may end them with the same speed especially if they feel restricted, pressured or misunderstood by their partners.

In the 8th House – Liberation or inner resources. Natives experience many sudden changes in life which force them to look for deep, inner resources. Transformation is important part of their growth and happens a lot in their life. They have a big need to form intimate bonds but they also demand a lot of independence and tend to keep others at distance which can be sometimes troublesome for them. They are attracted to taboo topics like death, sex and the occult and usually having those kind of interest causes them to be some kind of  black sheep but because of their inner strength they are able to ignore responses of others and continue following their interest with their shocking, rebellious attitude. Highly perceptive and passionate. May suddenly inherit money through really bizarre route.

In the 9th House – Liberation of philosophy. Mediation, despising religious authorites, dropping out of university or coming up with new conspiracy theories – that is something very much in the style of this placement. 9th House person is liberated, free-minded adventurer who wants to focus on expressing their views freely. They like trying new things and learning new cultures and languages, they may attract foreigners to them! They may also try learning languages on their own. They are bright and their genius lies in their fresh, open-minded philosophy. They despise being restricted, especially in their education which can cause them to avoid going  on university or even dropping out if they feel that university life is not satisficing enough.

In the 10th House – Liberation of work path. Whatever native chooses to do they always take the importance of independence in their job. They like jobs that allows them to freely express themselves. Supressing their creations and limiting them in any way is met with resistence which cause native to usually reject job that demands them to obidiently follow instructions and authority. They like to be their own and only authority. They may be interested in making money by using technology (like using social media outlets). They may have a natural talent for fields in science, technology, metaphysics, astrology. May often change what they want to do in their profession. They may actually change jobs a lot before they settle for something for longer. They bring originality and unique perspective, they are very inventive.

In the 11th House – Liberation of companionship. Native make unique friends and activists. They are unique as friends themselves and they find unique people too. They are passionate and devoted to their causes. Very loyal to their companions. They value bonds made by choice more than those by blood. They value equality and humanitarism, they aim to spread those kind of values to society and help society to progress. Freedom of expression, communication and a lot of independence is important for them in groups they live in. Because of their somehow eccentric nature they can never really ’'fit in” on 100%, they always stand out in groups whether by choice or by other circumstances yet they still manage to form bonds with others and still preserve their independence.

In the 12th House – Liberation of dreams. Natives are brilliant and inventive but many times they are hiding this part of themselves. Their dreams may be somehow shocking and even prophetic. Their sleeping patterns may be weird and unstable. Strong inuition They may get their flash of genius through dreaming and see answers they are looking for there. They may also be interested in unusual ways of healing or medicine in general. Occult and hidden knowledge may be something they have an easier access to.

In retrograde – your rebellious, liberated   self may be deeply internalized. On the outside you may appear as someone obedient, always following the rules, never questioning things. The truth is that you are quite rebellious and you have unique perspective of things but you tend to not share it with others. You may also reject this part of yourself and purposely try to conform to the norm because you are too afraid to stand out.


Vivo en un país en el que seguir viva implica ser una niña de casa y no salir, no denunciar el acoso porque es mejor que afrontarlo, en donde es mejor no usar escote ni vestido, en donde no disfrutar tu sexualidad es lo más seguro como mujer. 

Sigo viva porque una mujer “calladita se ve más bonita”,porque tener vagina significa no poder dar tu opinión, porque no tengo tatuajes y que no me gusta tomar y hacerme la tonta mientras camino con audífonos puestos para no escuchar piropos que nunca pedí es muchísimo mejor.

Vivo en un país en donde si me dicen “Mamacita, ¿a donde tan solita?” cuando voy caminando por la calle es culpa mía por caminar sola, por caminar sin un hombre junto a mi. Vivo en un país donde si me violan de nuevo es culpa mía, porque lo estoy pidiendo a gritos con este vestido que estoy usando o porque seguramente al ponerme esos pantalones quería que el hombre que iba detrás de mi en el metro me restregara el pene en el trasero.
Vivo en un país en donde si me gusta tomar cerveza y me secuestran es mi culpa por que yo no debería estar sola a altas horas de la noche.
Vivo en un país en donde al parecer las mujeres morimos porque queremos.
Parece que ser mujer le ha dado la oportunidad a cualquier “hombre” de secuestrar, violar y matar a una mujer. Vivo en una sociedad en donde se educa a las mujeres para que no salgan de casa pero no se educa al hombre a de verdad ser un hombre y entender que un NO es NO.

En México al menos 47% de las mujeres mayores de 15 años hemos sufrido violencia; emocional, física y/o sexual. Desgraciadamente yo solo tenía 5 años cuando abusaron de mi y créeme jamás lo pedí, jamás me puse un vestido para que un hombre de 40 años me violara y aún así la sociedad cree que las víctimas de abuso tenemos la culpa. Hablamos de feminicidios no de asesinatos, muchos hombres alegan que a ellos también los matan y sí tienen razón, pero a los hombres los matan otros hombres, se matan entre ellos por riñas o por venganza.  Nosotras no nos matamos entre nosotras, nos apoyamos, intentamos hacer que la otra sobreviva, a nosotras nos asesinan los hombres, claro, porque según esto nosotras nos lo buscamos.

Periodistas acosadas sexualmente en un camión, una chava violada a la que grabaron y subieron su violación a un sitio porno, Daphne Fernández violada por 4 hombres, una chava que por usar falda la grabaron, Sofía Baltaza balanceada por su ex pareja, Aida Muñoz murió estrangulada por un asalto, Cindy y Érika, dos enfermeras del IMSS asesinadas y secuestradas, a Zury le cortaron el rostro y el cuello, Gisela López asesinada con 6 meses de embarazo, Cristina Leyva la mató su esposo a puñaladas enfrente a sus hijos, Lesvy ahorcada en C.U., Fatima Altamirano estudiante de mi ex preparatoria, secuestrada afuera de su casa y asesinada, Mara Castilla secuestrada, violada y estrangulada por un conductor de Cabify, pero definitivamente ellas no son las únicas. En 257 días que van de 2017 han ocurrido mil 358 feminicidios en México.

Quiero que TODAS las mujeres entiendan esto, pedir justicia por todos ellas es gritar NI UNA MÁS y dejar claro que hoy más que nunca, no nos van a callar.
Eres fuerte.

#SiMeMatan será porque elegí vivir, ser independiente, conocer gente y por ser mujer, no por pedirlo gritos.

D.S. Torres


Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the “cry of independence” on September 16, 1810, which started a revolt against the Spaniards. It follows from the day of the Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dolores), on September 15.

I’m not proud of most of the citizens on Mexico or my president, but i am surely damn proud of the country itself. I love the music, i love the food, i love the places, so here’s some of my favorite musicians that proudly represent Mexico! Pinta tu madre patria de colores, so you can’t tell the difference entre los others. 


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