My Tales of Official Artbook came in!! It contains every (or nearly every) Viva magazine cover, small prints of their posters/wall scrolls and some chibis. I’m so happy I got this cause I wanted some of these prints for awhile now also I don’t think I ever saw the Cress and Sorey one until now.

Timeless Fanfic Challenge Week 3

Week Three Prompt: Someone from Wyatt’s past shows up and thinks Wyatt and Lucy are together.


“Rufus! Get us out of here!” Wyatt yelled, hurrying into the door as the shouts of the angry mob behind him was enough of a reason to get going but probably being pursued by Musketeers was not on Wyatt’s to do list today.

“Hurry, close the door!” Rufus said, throwing his hat onto the console.

Lucy grabbed her dress and forced it into the Lifeboat and they were off.

“Well, apparently saving the future King and Queen of France does not actually get you a coronation,” Wyatt said, sighing and sitting back in the chair as they disappeared through the wormhole.

“Well, shouting Viva La France a couple hundred years early probably had something to do with it,” Lucy retorted and they glared at each other.

“I thought that was a French thing,” Wyatt said.

“Guys, we’re going to land!” Rufus yelled over the shaking of the Lifeboat.


After landing and a very long debrief with a very pissed off Agent Christopher, Rufus excused himself for the evening to go home to Jiya and enjoy a Netflix and Chill night. Lucy and Wyatt decided that going to the bar for an end of the evening nightcap was a good idea, still hung up on the inaccuracies of the Three Musketeers.

As they were sitting at the bar, talking, someone called Wyatt’s name. He turned and saw Evan Long, a guy from the Army, retired now. He waved and came over, shaking Wyatt’s hand.

“Hey, man, I didn’t know you were out,” Evan said, grinning at him.

“Oh, no, I just doing a special assignment for Homeland,” he said, and Evan nodded. Then he looked at Lucy, realizing that the two had been having drinks together.

“Uh, hello.”

“Oh, sorry, Lucy, this is Major Evan Long, he was in the Army, retired now. Evan, this is Lucy Preston, a history professor at Stanford.”

“History professor?” Evan asked, laughing and shaking Lucy’s hand, “Not to tell you you’re business, Ma’am, but you are way out of this guy’s league.”

Lucy looked at Wyatt, unsure how to respond.

“Uh, Evan we-”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt you’re date, so I will let you two get back to it!” he said, laughing and giving Wyatt’s shoulder a hard pat.

“Have a good night buddy!” Evan called, heading off to meet other people at the other end of the bar.

A short awkward moment passed and Wyatt decided that it was time for another beer.

It didn’t occur to either of them that they should have corrected Ethan that this wasn’t a date, but it was over and they were now deep into talks about the importance of the French Revolution and why Rittenhouse might be involved.

Mezzi ritorni.

Ed eccomi qui a scrivere di nuovo su Tumblr. Sono stata assente per parecchio tempo ma sono ritornata con molta più grinta. Non avevo più voglia di scrivere qui sopra cose tristi e non avevo nemmeno voglia di raccontarmi. Mi sono svegliata pimpante stamattina e ho deciso di cambiare nuovamente la grafica del mio profilo. E’ tutto molto più chiaro e più semplice. In questo periodo di assenza ho fatto tantissime cose e mi sono capitate tantissime vicende che non so se riuscirò a raccontarle tutte. Cercherò di essere più attiva perché, per fortuna, a questo blog ci tengo molto, mi ha salvato dai momenti tristi e voi che mi leggete mi avete sempre tenuto compagnia. E’ anche grazie a voi se ho deciso di continuare a scrivere qui sopra. Ho imparato tante cose in questo periodo, cose che molto probabilmente avrei dovuto imparare già da un bel pezzo, ma meglio tardi che mai! Stamattina c’è un sole così bello che oggi ho deciso di indossare uno di quei vestiti estivi che uso solo per stare in casa e mi sento libera. Molto più libera. Mi piace sentire le gambe fresche ed uscire sul balcone col sole che mi batte in faccia. Mamma sta preparando per pranzo una cosa buonissima e sono tanto felice. Amo tante cose, ma non sono innamorata. Sto bene e sorrido.

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Frutita hermosa, a una amiga mía se le murió una amiga de cáncer y está muy triste y no se que decirle para consolarla, dime tu??

No moriré del todo, amiga mía,
mientras viva en tu alma mi recuerdo.
Un verso, una palabra, una sonrisa,
te dirán claramente que no he muerto.

Volveré con las tardes silenciosas,
con la estrella que brilla para ti,
con la brisa que nace entre las hojas,
con la fuente que sueña en el jardín.

Volveré con el piano que solloza
las nocturnas escalas de Chopin;
con la lenta agonía de las cosas
que no saben morir.

Con todo lo romántico, que inmola
este mundo cruel que me destroza.
A tu lado estaré cuando estés sola,
como una sombra más junto a tu sombra.

//Rodolfo Tallón//

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have you seen Get Out? it was really good, and even tho im only like 25% black and the rest is Asian/Latinx i felt that it was a great view point of the black struggle through a comedic-horror. Also!! I'm going to film school, and I was wondering if you know if any Latinx/Hispanic centered films I could watch other than documentaries so I could find the best angles/what not to ask for recording when interviewing a Latinx/Hispanic person

YOU BET YOUR ASS I SAW IT and it was amazing and no joke i think about that movie everyday ugh like the cinematography was just 😩 👌🏾

i’m just gonna give you a list of some of my fav hispanic/latin movies because like not to blame my reading comp issue but i’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for: 

The following characters have been added to the queue!


Zero (drakengard 3)

Megurine Luka



the Luggage

Discworld Death

Ghostbusters (the real ghostbusters)

DJ Slime Time


Iggy (maximum ride)




The Thwok


Rare Wubbox

Daisy Johnson

Batter (OFF)

Runner 5

Sam Yao (Zombies, Run!)

Jay Gatsby

Lucas (mother 3)

The Warden of Superjail





Hearthstone (magnus chase and the Gods of Asgard)

Planet Earth

Wadanohara (wadanohara and the great blue sea)

Barry Bluejeans



Mr. Smiley (presentable liberty)

Scrooge McDuck






Marceline Abadeer

Sherbat (viva piñata)

Hammer (fable 2)

Dipper Pines

Remus Lupin

Dick Grayson

Jason Todd

Cassandra Cain

Angelus (drakengard)

Hazel Levesque

Frank Zhang

Maia Roberts

Reigen Arataka


Shiemi Moriyama

Rin Kagamine

The Joker


Kennith Simmons

Nancy Elsner

Henry Elsner

Vince (voodoo vince)

Miss Frizzle

Jackie (svtfoe)

Judy Hopps

Galacta Knight



Martin Septim

Kermit the Frog

Megara (hercules)


Mami Tomoe

Mai Sasaki

Muscle Man

Toska (prague race)


Juno Steel (penumbra podcast)

Sera (da)

Joyce Byers

Dimple (mob psycho 100)

Mable Pines

Trafalgar Law

Alice Liddel

Suzuya Juuzou


Nightcrawler (x-men)

Lavernius Tucker

Kakaina Gif

Arisa Uotani

Saki Hanajima

Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Kurloz Makara

The Schuyler Sisters

The Dazzlings (mlp)

Ren (blue exorcist)

Doug Peterson

◤ ✕ 。hey there babes, my name is cali and omg i’m so excited to be back?! i was around viva about five months ago and even admined for a while but real life took over and i had to take a step back but now i’m back and i’ve missed you all so much!! (for the oldies haha) anyways i’m 19 y/o and i live in canada (est timezone), i go by her/she and i’m currently studying law (well pre-law) in cegep:)  this right here is delphine, half sin/cinammon roll who owns a restaurant and below the cut, you will find some more info about her! i am so sooo excited to roleplay with you all and my muse is poppin’ right now so if you’d like to plot, simply give this a like or message me and we’ll figure something out<3

triggers: death, car accident

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