the signs as dog breeds
  • Aries:Pomeranian; vivacious, spunky, and independent, refusing to take orders from anyone they view inferior to them.
  • Taurus:English Bulldog; calm and phlegmatic while possessing a very stubborn temperament.
  • Gemini:Poodle; intelligent with a very nervous, high-strung temperament.
  • Cancer:Labrador; protective and family-oriented.
  • Leo:Golden Retriever; extremely loyal with a bright and cheerful temperament.
  • Virgo:German Shepherd; intelligent, aloof, and requires plenty of mental stimulation.
  • Libra:English Cocker Spaniel; sweet, gentle, and agreeable with nearly everyone.
  • Scorpio:Rottweiler; fiercely protective and loyal to their loved ones.
  • Sagittarius:Siberian Husky; free-spirited, energetic, and good-natured while being very strong-willed.
  • Capricorn:Saint Bernard; calm, sensible, and patient with an independent streak.
  • Aquarius:Border Collie; intelligent, quick-minded, and loves to socialize.
  • Pisces:Pug; peaceful, sweet, and dependent on others.

So… i did an edit of Kennedy Davenport’s runway look some weeks ago… and the edit was well recieved lol… it was even seen by Kennedy and Vivacious which was such a pleasure to read about hahaha… and i thought that’d be the end… but it has resurfaced and someone expanded on it! Hahahahaha STAHP THE INSANITY!! idk who did that but thank you for this hahahaha


Quando una cosa non la puoi dire,scrivila sui muri.
È la voce di Scampia,il quartiere “malfamato” per eccellenza che nasconde al contrario menti brillanti e personalità vivaci.
Andiamo oltre la cronaca nera,noi siamo la cronaca bianca. Siamo la speranza di un quartiere e di una città che chiedono molto ma si accontenta di poco.

Napoli - Rione Scampia - 14/05/2015

Vivace -- Vivaciously

As your eyes race along the staff,
reading one note after the next “quickly and lively”,
as the score instructs,
your life cheers up and gets in to rhythm.

A similar experience awaits when you visit
a photo exhibition of SGI President Ikeda.
There you will be inspired
and attracted by the photos.

These works are no less wonderful than
melodies that enter your heart
and enrich it forever.

mishiefmanaged934 asked:

Just wondering about lily in your film. We've seen from your trailer she gets angry and sad and looks caring but will the cheeky vivacious side of lily that slug horn describes be seen in the movie?:)

You’ll see a lot of sides to Lily Evans. Laura is an incredible actress, and brought an unbelievable amount of depth to her performance. And while the script follows a number of characters (as opposed to following a single narrator like the books do), Lily is definitely the protagonist of the story.


This is OUR tribute to Anne Boleyn for May 19th - Watch in HD & Read please!
“If any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best’.”

First off, this video is really personal after spending quite some time on it and putting alot of thought into the meaning of it. I believe using all three portrayals of Anne (Natalie, Claire, Emma) allows you to fully appreciate her as an actual human being, rather than just a character from a TV show (The Tudors).

In her life, she had been both pious and self-indulgent; in love with religion and with the gospel and the church, but also with pomp and with luxury and power; she had been brittle, highly strung, neurotic, sarcastic and volatile. But she had also been charming, gracious, vivacious, entertaining, clever, affectionate and dazzlingly charismatic. Too often people attempt to act as if her vindication can be found in the undeniable glory of her daughter’s forty-five year reign, but that is to do Anne a disservice. In her own life, in her own personality, can be found her vindication. No-one can look at her final weeks and not conclude that this was not a woman of substance and courage and, as Anne herself pointed out, such things do not spring at the end unless they have been there from the beginning.

Anne Boleyn was neither saint nor villain; she was not even, either by the standards of her own time or the eras to come, a particularly bad person. In fact, it is my own personal assessment that her virtues overwhelmingly outweighed her vices, but her neuroses just about outweighed her talents. Today, people often see only the feud with Katherine of Aragon or with Mary Tudor, the fabricated rivalry with her sister, Mary Stafford, or the prurient, ridiculous pornography that constituted her downfall. Assessments of her character have become established as fact on no surer foundation than the virtue of repitition. Others see only a great, resolute politician – a 16th century Margaret Thatcher – a woman in a man’s world, devoid of weakness, hesitation and feminine softness. We have not yet troubled to look properly at her charities, her friendships and the tidal wave of compliments that were hers in the days before notoriety drowned her. We ignore her controversial attendance at a Requiem Mass for the butchered Cardinal Fisher, her locking of herself in her oratory and bursting into tears at the news of Katherine of Aragon’s death or the commendable image of a woman horrified, repulsed and disgusted by the burning to death of heretics. And that, in the 16th century, is something surely to her credit, no matter how much we attempt to contextualise it. She was, without doubt, a mass of contradictions – much good, some bad. But that, in the end, is something we must allow to her, for it is the most quintessential fundamental of what it means to be human, to be alive, and these contradictions, the subtleties and nuances, are important - more than important, in fact - for they remind us that this extraordinary woman really lived and that this repellently fascinating story, really, really happened. (source)

☩ Film/Show - The Tudors (Showtime), Wolf Hall (BBC),
Henry & Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History (Documentary)
☩ People - Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII
☩ Song - Aphelion - Jesper Kyd
☩ Programme - Sony Vegas
☩ Colour - My Own