one of the saddest moments for me in the revival was the moment that lorelai revealed that when she was thirteen, she was called “weird” and “loud” and essentially told that there was no way she was actually a gilmore because of this.

she was so different, so not what a girl, especially a girl of her circumstance, was supposed to be.  so here’s this vivacious, witty, quirky little girl with bright blue eyes who probably makes jokes and says the wrong thing and has a thirst for a life outside of what she knows that even the kids, with their trickled down opinions from their parents, bully her.

and it crushed her.  the thought of not being a gilmore, of not belonging, crushed her.

yes, her mother and her never saw eye to eye, and lorelai probably sensed she never quite fit in - believing that she’d fill that void in the form a boy -  and then her whole school all but admitted as much to her, that she was never going to fit in.  ever.

the life she had was suffocating her, because for as many doors as money opens, it closes so many other options that lorelai found much more appealing.

and then she found stars hollow.  this weird, eccentric, quirky little town where she actually fit in.  she wasn’t the weirdest person there - she was simply one of many.

she fit in.  she belonged.

and with this acceptance came a guy who found it endearing that she was “weird” and “loud”…he even loved her for it.

for lorelai, it was never about not wanting to be a gilmore, if anything, it was about her never feeling like she was.  and ultimately the altering of the definition of what being a gilmore really was.  not money, not perfection.

strength.  loyalty.  love.  forgiveness.  acceptance.

zodiac compatibility !!

all in one, all the pairs possible !!

aries + aries: lively, animated, daring pairing
aries + taurus: stubborn, competitive pairing
aries + gemini: best-friend-like, adventurous pairing
aries + cancer: caring, contradictory, emotion full pairing
aries + leo: adventurous, fun, lively pairing
aries + virgo: understanding, can-learn-a-lot-from-each-other pairing
aries + libra: romantic, cute, balanced pairing
aries + scorpio: vivacious, mysterious, badass pairing
aries + sagittarius: badass, active, adventurous pairing
aries + capricorn: contradictory, strong pairing
aries + aquarius: rebellious, animated pairing
aries + pisces: innocent, child-like, romantic pairing
taurus + taurus: loving, shy but romantic pairing
taurus + gemini: talkative, friendly pairing
taurus + cancer: romantic, calm, loving pairing
taurus + leo: proud, fancy, hard working pairing
taurus + virgo: secure, loyal, down-to-earth pairing
taurus + libra: old-style romantic, cute pairing
taurus + scorpio: badass, stable, hardworking pairing
taurus + sagittarius: contradictory, animated pairing
taurus + capricorn: secure, comfortable, calm pairing
taurus + aquarius: calm, animated, pairing
taurus + pisces: lazy, calm, loving pairing
gemini + gemini: childish, best-friend-like pairing
gemini + cancer: emotional, understanding pairing
gemini + leo: child-like, fun loving pairing
gemini + virgo: intellectual, curious pairing
gemini + libra: light, animated, lively pairing
gemini + scorpio: vivacious, badass pairing
gemini + sagittarius: adventurous, curious pairing
gemini + capricorn: intellectual, understanding pairing
gemini + aquarius: cute, animated, talkative pairing
gemini + pisces: innocent, childish, dreamy pairing
cancer + cancer: emotional, empathetic pairing
cancer + leo: understanding, strong pairing
cancer + virgo: cute, empathetic, emotional pairing
cancer + libra: romantic, calm pairing
cancer + scorpio: mysterious, secretive, loving pairing
cancer + sagittarius: bright, childish pairing
cancer + capricorn: balanced, connected, understanding pairing
cancer + aquarius: dreamy, bright, lively pairing
cancer + pisces: empathetic, caring, emotional pairing
leo + leo: fun, animated, lively pairing
leo + virgo: organised, caring, balanced pairing
leo + libra: cute, artistic, childish pairing
leo + scorpio: vivacious, intimate pairing
leo + sagittarius: best-friend-like, loving, adventurous pairing
leo + capricorn: understanding, empathetic pairing
leo + aquarius: rebellious, animated pairing
leo + pisces: dreamy, playful pairing
virgo + virgo: intellectual, loyal pairing
virgo + libra: romantic, light, loving pairing
virgo + scorpio: hardworking, secure pairing
virgo + sagittarius: curious, explorative pairing
virgo + capricorn: understanding, cute, down-to-earth pairing
virgo + aquarius: intellectual, contradictory pairing
virgo + pisces: contradictory, can-learn-a-lot-from-each-other pairing
libra + libra: romantic, childish, cute pairing
libra + scorpio: loving, intimate pairing
libra + sagittarius: fun, bright, talkative pairing
libra + capricorn: understanding, calm pairing
libra + aquarius: light, bright, artistic pairing
libra + pisces: similar, old-style romantic pairing
scorpio + scorpio: intimate, deep, strong pairing
scorpio + sagittarius: rebellious, vivacious pairing
scorpio + capricorn: hardworking, empathetic pairing
scorpio + aquarius: intellectual, lively pairing
scorpio + pisces: mysterious, emotional, strong pairing
sagittarius + sagittarius: fun, similar, philosophical pairing
sagittarius + capricorn: understanding, intellectual pairing
sagittarius + aquarius: adventurous, animated, daring pairing
sagittarius + pisces: curious, intellectual, dreamy pairing
capricorn + capricorn: understanding, empathetic pairing
capricorn + aquarius: fun, smart, light pairing
capricorn + pisces: emotional, close, successful paring
aquarius + aquarius: rebellious, daring, fun pairing
aquarius + pisces: philosophical, dreamy, innocent pairing
pisces + pisces: spiritual, empathetic, understanding pairing

It's interesting to note that...

When Eurus wanted John’s attention, she impersonated a vivacious, confident woman who found him attractive.

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When Eurus wanted Sherlock’s attention, she impersonated a slightly awkward, pretty, but vulnerable woman who needed him to save her.

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What, therefore, might we deduce about Sherlock’s “type?”

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i had this friend. loud, vivacious, and brimming with energy and colour. her sun-bright smile drew others to her like moths to flame; and yet she could always pick me out from the crowd effortlessly. i wondered how she did that, why she’d pick me over many. 

she was the kind of person you could never look away from for long, but i saw her better from my peripherals. when she lifted her chin, her face would become awash with glowing light; and then she’d laugh about her pale skin, and the ruddy cheeks and dark freckles would appear again, as if they’d momentarily blanked out. when she grew protective, her blue eyes would spark dangerously and burn white; and then she’d blink, and the glint of her glasses would stand in with explanation. 

but i saw her best from the back. when she’d run, her fire-bright curls would flare out behind her like wings.

as flighty as she was, she always came back to me. i wondered why. 

she told me, once. 

one day, before class had started, when i was in the middle of falling asleep in the sunbeam warming my desk, she turned around in her seat to talk to me. she spoke with her whole body, from her waving hands to her bouncing shoulders. 

then she petered off, and settled into stillness. watchfulness. despite all the eyes on her, she only saw me. 

“hey,” she said. “could you look at me for a sec?” 

and when i lifted my head to look at her straight on, she smiled as if she’d found the answer. 

“look at that,” she murmured. “your eyes have halos in them too.” 

victor fell in love with a vivacious, warm and charismatic drunk yuuri who convinced a room full of ice skaters to throw down on a stripper pole at a banquet, then had to watch him walk away from without a single word as if he hadn’t stolen his heart.


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Why the types are dangerous: ENFP edition
  • They can come up with a vast number of creative and new ideas at the tip of hat, you just have to try to keep up
  • They’re not afraid to tear down or cut people out of their life
  • ENFPs have strong, absolute morals that they don’t want to cross, and if you cross these, say goodbye to your happy ENFP
  • Because of their bubbly personality, people underestimate what analytical and deep thinkers ENFPs are
  • They make unexpected great leaders with their charisma and persuasive charms… or is that subtle manipulation?
  • Because of their vivacious personalities, they can quickly befriend anyone and everyone, even the people you hate
  • ENFPs bring such light into people’s lives, leaving a black hole when they leave 
The Signs Positive Traits




Down to earth










Easy going




Big hearted
Open minded







RuGirls’ Birthdays


6th: Ongina (SEASON 1)

16th: Alyssa Edwards (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

16th: Victoria “Porkchop” Parker (SEASON 1)

23rd: Delta Work (SEASON 3)

31st: Monica Beverly Hillz (SEASON 5)

31st: Trinity K. Bonet (SEASON 6)


12th: Latrice Royale (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 1)

13th: Mariah Balenciaga (SEASON 3)

16th: Cynthia Lee Fontaine (SEASON 8)

18th: Courtney Act (SEASON 6)

19th: Akashia (SEASON 1)

22nd: Nina Flowers (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

27th: The Princess (SEASON 4)


2nd: Mimi Imfurst (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

6th: Alaska Thunderfuck (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

7th: Vivacious (SEASON 6)

12th: Mrs. Kasha Davis (SEASON 7)

19th: Sasha Belle (SEASON 7)

20th: BeBe Zahara Benet (SEASON 1)

20th: Chad Michaels (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 1)

28th: Mystique Summers Madison (SEASON 2)

30th: Miss Fame (SEASON 7)


8th: Raven (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

13th: Carmen Carrera (SEASON 3)

14th: Magnolia Crawford (SEASON 6)

22nd: Tyra Sanchez (SEASON 2)

23rd: April Carrión (SEASON 6)


1st: Katya Zamolodchikova (SEASON 7/ALL STARS 2)

2nd: Pandora Boxx (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

3rd: Sonique (SEASON 2)

8th: India Ferrah (SEASON 3)

8th: Kenya Michaels (SEASON 4)

8th: Yara Sofia (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

10th: Gia Gunn (SEASON 6)

25th: Rebecca Glasscock (SEASON 1)

25th: Thorgy Thor (SEASON 8)

27th: Milan (SEASON 4)

28th: Morgan McMichaels (SEASON 2)


3rd: Detox Icunt (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

10th: Jessica Wild (SEASON 2)

13th: Violet Chachki (SEASON 7)

14th: Raja Gemini (SEASON 3)

15th: Alisa Summers (SEASON 4)

20th: Naysha Lopez (SEASON 8)

21st: Jujubee (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

22nd: Bob The Drag Queen (SEASON 8)

22nd: Laila McQueen (SEASON 8)

23rd: Milk (SEASON 6)

24th: Max (SEASON 7)

27th: Bianca Del Rio (SEASON 6)

30th: Willam Belli (SEASON 4)


2nd: Coco Montrese (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

3rd: Shannel (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

8th:  Lineysha Sparx (SEASON 5)

8th: Nicole Paige Brooks (SEASON 2)

9th: Kelly Mantle (SEASON 6)

18th: Derrick Barry (SEASON 8)

19th: Stacy Layne Matthews (SEASON 3)

24th: Alexis Mateo (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

27th: Joslyn Fox (SEASON 6)

27th: Robbie Turner (SEASON 8)

29th: Dax ExclamationPoint (SEASON 8)


2nd: Vivienne Pinay (SEASON 5)

8th: Kim Chi (SEASON 8)

10th: Manila Luzon (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

23rd: Trixie Mattel (SEASON 7)


1st: Tempest DuJour (SEASON 7)

8th: Naomi Smalls (SEASON 8)

9th: Kennedy Davenport (SEASON 7)

11th: Ginger Minj (SEASON 7/ALL STARS 2)

11th: Pearl (SEASON 7)

15th: Tammie Brown (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

17th:  Serena ChaCha (SEASON 5)

18th: Jinkx Monsoon (SEASON 5)

19th: Venus D-Lite (SEASON 3)

23rd: Roxxxy Andrews (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

24th: Chi Chi DeVayne (SEASON 8)

24th: BenDeLaCreme (SEASON 6)

24th: Kandy Ho (SEASON 7)

29th: Adore Delano (SEASON 6/ALL STARS 2)


5th: Ivy Winters (SEASON 5)

5th: Madame LaQueer (SEASON 4)

10th: Phi Phi O’hara (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 2)

12th: Penny Tration (SEASON 5)

16th: Jasmine Masters (SEASON 7)


2nd: Jade Jolie (SEASON 5)

11th: LaShauwn Beyond (SEASON 4)

18th: Jade (SEASON 1)

22nd: Shangela Laquifa Wadley (SEASON 2/SEASON 3)

27th: Darienne Lake (SEASON 6)

28th: Sharon Needles (SEASON 4)

29th: Jiggly Caliente (SEASON 4)


1st: Tatianna (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 2)

10th: Acid Betty (SEASON 8)

11th: Phoenix (SEASON 3)

17th: Jaidynn Diore Fierce (SEASON 7)

17th: Sahara Davenport (SEASON 2) in memoriam

20th: Dida Ritz (SEASON 4)

28th: Honey Mahogany (SEASON 5)

28th: Laganja Estranja (SEASON 6)

Black Mirror's San Junipero or how to dismantle the Bury Your Gays trope [Heavy spoilers]

I’ve written a little about the BYG trope before and if you follow media critics at all, you’ll know the death toll of women in relationships with women on TV shows in particular is seemingly ever rising.

Black Mirror is a speculative fiction anthology series known for its grim and dark themes. Originally broadcast on Channel 4, the British series only ran two seasons of three episodes each and one Christmas special, but was subsequently recommissioned by Netflix. “San Junipero” is the fourth episode of the Netflix season.

San Junipero focuses on the romance between two women: a young shy white glasses-wearing lesbian named Yorkie and a vivacious joyful passionate fun-loving black bisexual young woman named Kelly. In any normal Black Mirror, you’d expect a grim ending. And with the prevalence of the BYG trope on TV, this is an even greater possibility. But San Junipero is not a normal Black Mirror episode.

Charlie Brooker, creator and writer of Black Mirror, is obviously aware of the BYG trope. And he has endeavoured to shatter it to pieces. San Junipero is a story about love between two women. But it’s also a story about dying. And both the main characters are dying. This is clearly a conscious decision. Everything about the episode not only alludes to BYG, but calls for it. All the narrative justifications are there for it to happen. But Charlie Brooker decides to show that there is no such thing as “it had to happen”.

When we first meet Yorkie and Kelly, they are two young women meeting in a nightclub of the party town of San Junipero in the 80s. But in true Black Mirror fashion, appearances are deceptive. San Junipero is not a real place. San Junipero is one of the many settings in a virtual reality program. Elderly patients in nursing homes can choose to upload their consciousness to the program after death. And before that they can spend up to five hours a week in it as a test-run. Yorkie and Kelly met during their test-runs.

Yorkie is a quadriplegic 60+ year old woman. She has spent her entire life in a hospital bed  and now she is nearing the end of her life, she has chosen to upload herself to San Junipero. Kelly, also in her sixties, has been diagnosed with cancer and has been given a few months to live. This is the first part of the BYG subversion by the episode. The girls are dying, but they’re old women who have lived  long lives. This isn’t a case of a young woman getting hit by a stray bullet. Their deaths do not feel premature. And they aren’t certain either. Yorkie has chosen the time of her “death” willingly and it is not a death per se, just a passing into the virtual world of San Junipero. As to Kelly, she has outlived every dire prognoses she has been given thus far.

However, Kelly, who is bisexual, is still grieving her husband’s death and when Yorkie asks her to upload to San Junipero with her, she flat out refuses. Her husband did not go into the virtual reality program after his death and she feels like she cannot go when he did not. This decision leads to a fight with Yorkie, after which Kelly gets in her car and speed drives away before crashing and lying unmoving on the road. But this is San Junipero. This is a virtual world. Nobody dies here. Not ever. In San Junipero, women who love women are immortal and invincible and Kelly just gets back up.

Kelly finally comes to the realisation that it is okay for her to move on and thats he isn’t betraying her husband for doing so. The girls go on to live together, in a literal happily ever after - and all too rarely seen - in San Junipero.

Seeing a same sex couple both live through the entire story and end up together would be groundbreaking enough, but seeing this in a narrative that seemed to demand death, in a TV show that has never had a happy ending before (one hopeful ending in episode 1 of season 3) is not just a great decision to see, it’s an indictment of every other show who has killed their lesbian and bisexual female characters and a way to raise the bar for all future show.

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It’s worth noting that the episode also made a lot of efforts to put forward the validity of the characters’ sexuality and diversify the usual representation of wlw characters:

- wlw characters often tend to be white but Kelly is a black woman.

- wlw characters are often young. The episode played with that perception by making the characters’ youth turn out to be an illusion and both women are actually over sixty, which also shows that same sex attraction is not a phase. It’s a lifelong thing. Yorkie and Kelly loved girls at 20 and they love them still at 60.

- bisexual women are just waiting for the right person to decide their orientation: Kelly’s relationship with her husband and her budding romance with Yorkie are given equal weight. Nobody ever assumes that maybe Kelly was into girls all along and she was just still in the closet when she was with her husband. There is an absolutely magnificent monologue from Kelly towards the end in which she explains to Yorkie just how much her husband and the forty years they spent together meant to her.

- bisexual women are promiscuous: again, the episode plays with the perception. When we first meet Kelly, she is adamant that she is not going to have a relationship, that she only wants harmless fun. But we then find out that she is just finding it difficult to move on from her husband’s death and wishes to be faithful to his memory. Her speech about him also makes it clear that although she has always known she was also into women, she has never even been tempted to have a relationship with a woman because she loved her husband and was faithful to him for the entirety of their marriage.

EDIT: upon rewatching, I noticed clues indicating Yorkie and Kelly are actually in their seventies, and not their sixties as I had previously estimated. 

Edit 2: Scratch that, somebody pointed out Yorkie is indeed in her sixties, while Kelly is 73. Also added a gif because it made me smile.

Stand by for further San Junipero posts!