anonymous asked:

Honestly, I would pay you to stop imitating viria's art style... Even your blog name is similar. You're not going to progress artistically and develop your own style that will inspire others one day if your keep mimicking someone else's

whoa now…..

First of all, my blog name is based off my family nickname “viva”, it has NOTHING to do with viria….that’s kind of ridiculous that you would think that I copied her name of all things…I have this username for every social media I use….it used to be viva011 way back when (you can even see in the art tag), but I didn’t like the numbers, and I wanted viva but I couldn’t get it, so vvivaa was the closest I could get. 

Second, so you see that my style is similar, who are you to call me out and say “stop mimicking her style” when you have no idea who I am, how I draw, what’s influenced me, or my process? So what that my style appears similar? People have similar styles all the time. I have been  progressing artistically like this. Yes, her art has inspired and influenced me, but so has a lot of other artists and I see their influence in my art all the time too. That’s a part of being an artist, and I don’t think anyone is looking at my art and confusing it with viria’s or anyone else’s, and I’ve never tried to use what she’s done as my own, everything I’ve made has been my own. That’s a fact. People used to say the same thing to her, they said she “copied” burdge’s style. Her style is influence by her? SO WHAT? That’s what art is. 

I think it’s very inconsiderate of you to send me this message, I don’t really know what you’re trying to gain from it. I’m very proud of my own work lately because I feel like for the first time ever it’s actually 100% my own, no copying, no referencing, it’s just mine. So you’re upset that my coloring style is similar. but it’s just a fact of learning that people use all the influences that inspire them and make it their own, and I think my art tag is enough to prove that this is something that I’ve developed over time, and it will continue to develop to wherever it chooses to go.

Please don’t make assumptions on something you have no idea about. And think before you message someone. Thanks.