Bri dun tagged me

Time and Day: July 24 3:57 AM

Average hours of sleep: Like 9-10

Last thing I googled: Xbox ones on eBay

Nickname: Sand Castle or Castle-o

Birthday: November 16

Gender: Eh

Height: 5'6" or something like that

Favorite Colors: Red and blue

One place that keeps me happy: the beach or my dreams

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 (but currently none because South Carolina feels like the depths of hell right now)

What am I wearing: t-shirt n joggers

Favorite Beverage: Gatorade or Mountain Dew or sweet tea

Last book I read: I reread The Catcher in the Rye

Favorite food: Dude I love tamales or pupusas those are 👌🏼

Last Movie I watched in Theaters: it’s been forever so idk

Dream Vacation: Viva España

Dream Wedding: fuck weddings they a waste Of my time and money lets just get a marriage certificate and go 2 Peru or sum shit

Dream job: Anything that involves writing and speaking works for me

Tag: srsly don’t know who to tag shoutout 2 florvls 4 tagging me tho

Everytime I think or hear about Llamas with Hats I just think about Anders now thanks to that one post.