So I had been wanting to get a tattoo on my foot for my 18th birthday that said fuzz, due to my love of fuzz pedals and Ty segall’s band FUZZ. Then the day before my birthday I some how ended up going to viva Pomona and met Ty segall and talked to him for a bit and told him how I wanted to get a fuzz tattoo. Then I got the tattoo the next day in the bathroom of the peoples house I was staying at, with a stick and poke. Found tickets for FUZZ at the troubadour the next day, ran into Ty AGAIN, and showed him my tattoo. He loved it :) everybody in the band signed a record for me, and the bass player sang me happy birthday. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and no matter how many tattoos I get, this will probably be one of my favorites :)