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!!! About that single dad lazy town au!!! Rob is making-okay, ordering takeout- dinner when Ella pulls on his sleeve and signs (she doesn't speak in canon so she's mute in all aus in my head) that she wants Stephanie to be her sister. Rob is flustered and us like "??? Ella, what- I mean- for that-I just-" but Ella just. Looks. And signs "dad ask out mr. Sportacus n o w." Because, cmon, it's a logical thing to say.


Steph studies up on sign language so she can converse with rottenella ;w;; shes excited that someone else understands her ;;W;;


after she tells Robbie this he becomes more Nervous around Sport cause Rottenella’s p much glaring daggers into them


New York. The Gorham Manufacturing Company Building, 386 Fifth Avenue at 36th Street,1904.

Gorham Company moved uptown from their 1877 building at 19th and Broadway, They hired Stanford White of McKim, Mead and White to build their new Offices and showroom, opening in September 1905. Rivals Tiffany and Company, opened their own Stanford White designed building up the block at 401, with in days of Gorham’s.

I watched some of the livestream for the protest happening in New York right now. I’m still not surprised at all of the moronic comments constantly zipping by. All of those people saying that they didn’t do this when Obama became president. Yes you fucking did. We had to hear YOU whine about him not being your president, now it’s OUR turn to “whine”. Only it’s not a whine. It’s a fucking ROAR. When all of their precious benefits get taken away, they’ll understand then. The stupidity of Americans is astounding. I am sick of hearing about that Benghazi incident. Those idiots will believe anything that their fellow alt-right Nazis spew at them. I am part of this resistance. I will stand against this moron and all he stands for. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!!

So, from two classic, different cartoons where Daffy Duck and Tom Cat looked like this

From the depths of 4chan’s /co/, this was born

Which eventually spread to other character, leading to scores of similar fanart

I’ve never watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, but every time I come across this trend, this meme if you will, I laugh like an idiot for a while, increasing my desire to do so, and I think it’s about fucking time I do, because shit this ridiculous can only be good!


Part I (Jump Identification)  ||  Part II (Combination Jumps)  ||  Part III (Spin Identification)

For there to be a combination of jumps, the 2nd jump must take off from the landing edge of the 1st jump

Since Yuzuru, Plushenko and Wakaba all rotate anti-clockwise in the air, these examples are for anti-clockwise jumps. For clock-wise jumpers, the left and right would reversed.

Much thanks to the anon who suggested this