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10:24. Mi piace un ragazzo che conosco da nemmeno 2 settimane.. Ora sto aspettando un suo messaggio, il solito che mi invia tutte le mattina... Ma non arriva( Con questo ragazzo anche se non lo conosco da molto, ho fatto vedere molte cose belle di m cose che con difficoltà facevo vedere agli altri.. Tipo la mia dolcezza.. Tre giorni fa mi ha detto che gli piacevo, e che ormai ero diventata la causa del suo sorriso.. Ma la verità é che ci siamo visto solo per video chiamata nonostante non viva

Che carini, se vi piacete, non lasciatevi andare, tenetevi stretti !

scrivetemi che ore sono e a che cosa state pensando

Confesso que já sabia que você tava namorando, me cortando o coração, mas quando vi a foto de vocês dois, parece que despedaçou. Despedaçou a esperança que insistia em manter-se viva. Vi naquela foto a minha morte pra esse tal de amor. Esse amor que por muito tempo quis ser notado, compartilhado, demonstrado. Esse amor que por muito tempo eu quis te dar. Mas agora vejo que ele está te dando esse amor. Será que ele te conhece como eu? Será que ele te ama como eu? É clichê dizer que eu quero que você seja feliz. Mas eu realmente quero. Mesmo sabendo que você nunca será tão feliz como você seria se estivesse comigo.
—  Heroliar se desencontrou. (via heroliar)

“darlin , just hand me te aux cord” | I have a theory if you were in a vehicle with Niall for at least three hours and his iTunes sat on shuffle, you’d hear these as he sang every word to every song, or at least did a beautiful air guitar.

i. baba o'riley - the who // ii. take it easy - the eagles // iii. should i stay or should i go - the clash // iv. horchata - vampire weekend // v. viva la vida - coldplay // vi. i just haven’t met you yet - michael buble // vii. grade 8 - ed sheeran // viii. twist and shout - the beatles // ix. naive - the kooks // x. payphone ft. wiz khalifa - maroon 5 // xi. what goes around… comes around (interlude) - justin timberlake // xii. dreams - fleetwood mac // xiii. fly me to the moon - frank sinatra // xiv. man on the moon - rem // xv. robbers - the 1975 // xvi. cardiac arrest - bad suns // xvii. mr. brightside - the killers // xviii. london calling - the clash // xix. god save the queen - sex pistols // xx. undone (the sweater song) - weezer // xxi. confident ft. chance the rapper - justin bieber [don’t try and tell me he wouldn’t come on shuffle at least once, alright] // xxii. tighten up - the black keys // xxiii. you give love a bad name - bon jovi // xxiv. the boys of summer - don henley // xxv. fuzzy blue lights - owl city // xxvi. car radio - twenty one pilots // xxvii. use somebody - kings of leon // xxviii. alive - pearl jam // xxix. stereo hearts feat. adam levine - gym class heroes // xxx. fall for anything - the script // xxxi. bye bye bye - *nsync // xxxii. it wasn’t me - shaggy // xxxiii. u got it bad - usher // xxxiv. ignition (remix) - r. kelly // xxxv. the A team - ed sheeran // xxxvi. i’m yours (acoustic) - jason mraz // xxxvii. champagne oasis - oasis // xxxviii. karma police - radiohead // xxxix. hero (original) - enrique iglesias [this is so real please someone give niall a guitar and let him drunken serenade you] // xl. l.o.v.e. - frank sinatra 

listen here by me 
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A Peek at MAC’s 2014 Holiday Collection!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the MAC Holiday Collection which is launching last week of October. 

The collection is split into 3;

Objects of Affection - including 3 pigment sets (SGD65) and 3 lipgloss quads (SGD65).

Heirloom Mix - individual lipsticks, varnishes, blushes, pressed pigments and Cremesheen Glasses. My recommendations are a couple of the glosses, the gloss Just Jewels (apply it over other polishes to transform them!) and the gorgeous matte lipsticks.

Keepsakes - a large collection of gorgeous palettes and pouch sets.

Viva Glamorous sets - there’s a special 6-color lip palette (see image above) containing Viva Glam I - VI, as well as a Viva Glam Riri set. All proceeds go to AIDS research as usual.

It’s not immediately clear why they had to split everything into different collections, when all of them are packaged similarly. It’s just way to confusing for customers. They’re ALL part of the holiday collection, and that’s the only name they should be called, because that’s all any of us is going to remember.

But I DO like a lot of the colors and kits in this year’s release. Are you guys eyeing anything in particular?




i am as constant as a northern star: a mix for leaving your heart behind

i. good riddance - green day // ii. oklahoma usa - the kinks // iii. shake me down - cage the elephant // iv. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // v. somewhere only we know - keane // vi. viva la vida - coldplay // vii. closing time - semisonic // viii. the great escape - patrick watson // ix. hallelujah - jeff buckley // x. case of you - james blake // xi. iris - goo goo dolls



Where Does Energy Come From? | Martin Archer | Ask Head Squeeze

This week on #AskHeadSqueeze Thursdays, Martin Archer answers a question from CuttlefishPi on our Head Squeezers Google+ community. Where does Energy Come From? Martin reckons this is really three questions - let’s hope he’s got the energy to tackle them all.

00:46 Where did the idea of Energy come from?

The concept of energy, and its name, probably comes from Aristotle and the ancient Greeks and they’re word energeia. Gottfried Leibniz came up with something like the modern concept of energy with his vis viva or living force in the 1670s and 80s. But the idea of energy didn’t really catch on until the 19th century with the advent of thermodynamics and reformulating of Newton’s laws of mechanics.

01:32 What is the energy in the Universe?

There are loads of different types, but they can generally be lumped into two categories. Kinetic energy is all about motion, and even heat is included in this broad group. The other category is potential energy, which you can think of as stored energy. One of the amazing realisations of the 20th Century was that matter itself is simply highly condensed energy - energy that can be released, as in a nuclear bomb. But energy can’t be created or destroyed, it can only change form.

03:59 Where does energy come from?

At heart, energy is an abstract concept. But the concept exists because of time symmetry. In 1915 German Mathematician and Theoretical Physicist Emmy Noether proved that if the laws of Nature have a symmetry then there must be a physical quantity which is conserved. She showed that energy is a consequence of the fundamental time symmetry of Nature, without this symmetry energy would not exist and nothing would exist.

Who’s Emmy Noether?

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