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who do you ship leo with the most?

I’ve gotten this question before and it’s always been a hard one. Piquessi’s gotta be up there. They have such a long history! Geri was there when Leo was young at La Masia, protected him when he was tiny, and despite some time apart, they’ve both been on the first team for years now. Geri can make Leo laugh, which is really important with how much pressure Leo’s always under. And also, one thing that I’ve always loved is that Geri can see how brilliant Leo is–but at the same time, he always looks at Leo with such wonder and amazement. 

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Then there’s Cressi, crismessi, cristessi, lionaldo, leonaldo, the ship with a thousand names that’s often problematic. This was my first ship in the fandom, so I think that’s why I have a soft spot for it. Two brilliant players, playing for two highly competitive club teams in la liga, and both trying to take their national teams to the top. Hated/loved by the media, depending who you ask, and often seen being amicable together at the award shows or when they play against each other twice a year. There’s not necessarily a lot to fuel this ship, but that’s never mattered much to me since I ship Leo with everybody.

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I’m also going to say Neymessi. Currently I’m angry at Neymar. I’m angry at his decision to leave, annoyed at whatever his reasons are, frustrated with how he behaved, and hurt that he knowingly left his friends in the lurch. Whether my animosity will fade with time, I can’t say, but it’s made it hard to ship Neymessi. Still, it had always been one of my favorites, so I’m going to say it for now. He’s a brilliant player, had great chemistry with Leo, always had a smile on his face and his affection for Leo was quite obvious.

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Suaressi is another one of my favorites. Another problematic one, and a pairing I didn’t really see coming. But Luis’ love and admiration for Leo are there for all to see. And his friendship with Leo is also so wonderful. I think he’s Leo’s best friend. And not only that, their wives and children get together as well. Hell, they all spent Leo and Anto’s honeymoon together! Who does that?? 

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Finally, often out of sight and out of mind, is Kunessi. I love Kunessi. I half want to say it’s my favorite and top ship, but I’m so flighty, I don’t know. Still, if there’s one person who can say they’ve been by Leo’s side for the toughest times of his life, it’s Kun. Kun’s been there since Leo was young. And he’ll be there when Leo’s old. I don’t think I have to say anything more.

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A tribute to our former Red and now officially the GREATEST player of ALL time, Cristiano Ronaldo. I will NEVER forget his time at our club and the day he left I still recall how upset I was the day he left for Real Madrid. I always knew he would do extremely well at Madrid, which he did. He was my favourite player at United when I was a kid, and he still is my favourite player until now. Viva Ronaldo!