viva luludia


Slytherin themed outfit. (even my boots have snakes on them)
Both the skirt and sweater are dark green, and the sweater is glittery metallic but sadly the pictures don’t show that very well. 

Sweater, blouse, skirt and tights: H&M
Detatchable collar: vintage
Boots: Dr. Martens
Necklace: Glitter

Sorry for the crappy mobile photos (and just the lack of outfit photos in general). Fogot my camera in the other end of the country this New Year.


Visited the National Gallery of Denmark with my art class today and saw the “Biography”-exhibition by the Danish-Norwegian artist duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. It was really interesting, so if you are in Denmark, and interested in modern art, it is really worth giving a visit. 


A friend who’s mother is a seamstress gave me this macrame technique test sample she had, sure I would find a way to use it. Well, of cause i could.

Holy Christ i LOVE draping!
And some of these makes make me feel like some kind of fire bender ninja warrior princess (especially that one way in the top middle)! 


Some everyday steampunk

I got the blouse from shortcuttothestars about a year ago, and wondered where it had disappeared, until i found it deeply buried at the bottom of my closet. I might have too much clothing…
Arm warmers and knee stockings is self made from old tights.
Leg warmers from the local supermarket.
Sorel boots.
Everything else is thrifted.