viva la viral

Viva La Viral // Norwegian Recycling

  • Viva la Vida // Coldplay,
  • When You Were Young // The Killers, 
  • Because of You // Kelly Clarkson,
  • Livin’ on a Prayer // Bon Jovi,
  • Walking on a Dream // Empire of the Sun,
  • Starlight // Muse 
  • All of Your Love // Hellogoodbye
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Here it is! The completed Viva la Viral oc map! This turned out really good, I can’t explain how much I love this okay


Viva la Viral
I remember finding this on MYSPACE. MYSPACE.
gosh. that only seems like yesterday.
It’s such a great mashup though. FANTASTIC, i would even say.
 I especially love the little hellogoodbye they put in it!