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What if parents of Francis' s/o told France to break up with their daughter/son, because they see him as a flirt and he will eventually break her/his heart?


“I may be that of a flirt but I love S/o! I hope you know that”

  • He knows he is a flirt and that is normally what people first noticed, but he expects that his S/o’s parents would know him deeper than that.
  • The parents of his S/o might get a slight scolding from France, he loves his S/o and he wants them to know that!
  • France will write a long list of reasons why they could stay together if he must, he is not giving up without a fight!
  • If the parents still believe he will break their heart he will let them stay at his house, why? To show them how he treats his S/o of course! 
  • His S/o will here about this, he wishes for them to know. His thinking is that if they can convince their parents to then that might help!
  • He will try his best to convince his S/o parents, if they truly still believe it then he will rebel! His love shall triumph! 

Well now, I haven’t done anything Hetalia in quite a while, now have I? I’m sad to say that I’ve fallen a little out of touch with Hetalia, but I still love the characters, especially the 2p characters. I’ve never even attempted 2p Germany or Japan before now, and I am extremely out of practice with Italy.

This is the last page of my current sketchbook! :’) On to a new sketchbook!

15 Days of Fanmixes 

Day 1: For your OTP  (or any ships you’re into at the moment)

space gays | a mix for the Hetalia ship Rusame or Russia/America with songs by echosmith, fall out boy, the beatles, and various others | cover edit by me yours truly :)


i. bright- echosmith | ii. more than words/heaven- julianne hough and diego boneta  | iii. we’ll be a dream- we the kings ft. demi lovato | iv. cosmic love- florence and the machine | v. phantom of the opera violin medley- lindsey stirling | vi. this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race- fall out boy | vii. a hard day’s night- the beatles | viii. radioactive in the dark- imagine dragons and fall out boy  | ix. accidentally in love- counting crows | x. we are young- 3oh!3  | xi. bonus totally space gays song ;)


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hey!! my follower count recently went past 2100 so !! it was about time i finally do something because i never celebrate milestones omfg

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Well everyone is doing it so I thought, why not. Here’s a follow forever!!! I want to say that my blog has changed a lot but…. it hasn’t. It’s still a multi-fandom wreck with 90% less homestuck and 150% more ut, hq, and languages. Anyway here’s the list, I’m way to lazy to put it in alphabetical order so it’s in order of how long I’ve been following ppl, from longest to most recent!! (some of them might be off bc of accidental unfollows and stuff whoops)
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