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versace-hawtie  asked:

Did you hear the police are saying Antonio Martin ambushed them?? Why are they making up lies??

Just saw… LIKE IN WHAT DISSONANT SUICIDAL WORLD DO THE POLICE THINK WE LIVE IN?! You seriously can’t give me any other explanation other than racism to explain this bullshit. First off, between four cameras, you can’t show clear evidence of an ambush, but you want me to take you at your word. Second, this kid is literally at the gas station picking up snacks with his girlfriend, but decided on the flip he was going to try and kill a cop that night, just for jollies during the holiday season. Third, he magically summoned a gun that no witness saw, even though, yet again, this is a gas station with four visible cameras. And fourth and finally, this kid clearly didn’t want to make it to Christmas, even though he was right down the street from his Mama’s house, girlfriend in tow. This is how I know that the police and their apologists are nothing but illogical, irrational, evil racists. You must take me for a plum troglodyte to be arguing with me over this story. Everything about it is suspect, no conspiracy theory necessary. #staywoke


Viva Glamour Photoshoot w/ Elizabeth Gillies <3


OMG. I can’t get over how…

 B E A U T I F U L …. Liz Gillies is. First as Liz Taylor and the Snow White. I can’t even… <3