Hello, Viva Glam Rihanna II!

I was a little shocked and apprehensive when I uncapped the tube and twisted the lipstick up. Brown lipsticks (excepting nude tones and super-dark noir ones) are my Cryptonite.

I cannot pull them off. Never have been able to without looking corpse-like.

So when I saw Riri’s latest release, I thought “Oh darn this is only going to look good on caramel skins.”

After I swatched them on my wrist, I still wasn’t entirely convinced I could pull off the 90s glam metallic lipstick alone, but the gloss is nice, and layered together, I have to say the final “cosmic explosion” effect is pretty darned gorgeous and would work on most people (as long as you’re up for a little drama).

Long story short? If you love brown lips on you or have Rihanna’s bronze/caramel type skin (I think this would look fantastic on a lot of Latino and Indian women too) you might be able to pull off just the lipstick alone. The rest of us may need to layer them for the best effect, or just wear the gloss.

And as we know, Viva Glam sales go to a good cause, and it doesn’t help that the packaging is drop-dead gorgeous. Would you buy both? One? Or neither?