viva freedom

Those of you who are tired of hearing about Ferguson need to realize that although you can turn off your computers and televisions, there are so many people who face this reality. I am a member of an ethnic minority that has been on the receiving end of racism, mostly verbal and nonviolent. I’m also from Canada, where racism is alive and well but not as dangerous as many other places. I can only imagine the fear that people of color in these places must endure. Countries are just arbitrary lines. In truth, the only thing that separates human beings is each other. Regardless of the distance between my home and Ferguson, or my home and Palestine, or my home and Mexico, China, North Korea, and Iraq, my responsibility as a human being with time and ability is to help my fellow human beings in whatever way I can, whether it’s raising awareness or marching in the streets.

If you want to live in your bubble, where the world is perfect and you are happy, go ahead. Turn off your computers and televisions and forget the rest of the world exists. However, let the people who see the reality of this world and it injustices, and empathize with each other change it for the better. There is no satisfaction until justice and freedom is available for all.

I am not Canadian. I am human. And I fight for my fellow humans.