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I need a happy kunessi fic please?

Ahh I’m sorry I don’t have anything to give you right now…. But here are a few HAPPY kunessi recs :)

Warm Me With Your Smile by hellabaloo @historiograph

Leo visits Kun in Manchester for Christmas, and realizes he might have been missing something that was right in front of his face. (Leo/Kun, words: 6868, rating: Mature, status: Complete)

two bodies pressed together by neyvenger (jjjat3am) @neyvenger

“If I weren’t a footballer, I would be a footballer’s wife.” - Kun Aguero


The one where Kun has to retire from football early and becomes Leo’s househusband instead. (Leo/Kun, words: 6015, rating: Teen, status: Complete)

till your lungs give out by neyvenger (jjjat3am) @neyvenger

It’s not that Leo hasn’t noticed the way his voice affects Kun every time he praises him for a job well done. He just hasn’t acted on it till now. (Leo/Kun, words: 1659, rating: Mature, status: Complete)

Take your pain away. by florgi @xavimascheranos

Kun is a worrier and Leo’s back hurts. Leo just wants to cuddle and Kun is ther to provide the cuddles.(Set after the friendly against Honduras of May, 27th 2016, where Leo received a hard blow on his back and had to be subbed out.) (Leo/Kun, words: 1040, rating: General, status: Complete)

Beauty by LeoDios @leo-dios

Kun finds out that Leo has a crush on him. This makes him confront his own feelings about his best friend. (Leo/Kun, words: 2982, rating: Explicit, status: Complete)

I would dye for you by blindbatalex @blindbatalex

A (highly imaginary) account of how Messi’s bleached hair came about and Kun and Neymar’s feelings on the subject. (Leo/Kun, words: 872, rating: General, status: Complete)

I’m Only Good At Bad Poetry  by TheAccidentalChampion @theaccidentalchampion @thomasmulli

“Yes, we bet on you getting together,” Masche repeats, rolling his eyes, using the tone one would use with a small child. “It’s bound to happen eventually– can you guys just hurry the fuck up and get it on?”

“Am I that obvious?” Kun asks weakly, because is he that obvious? (Leo/Kun, words: 3274, rating: not rated, status: Complete)

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Hey, I know you ship swan queen and all that shit, but I'm looking for someone to make a gif with Sean Maguire and Regina. I wanna see how they look together

I don’t make gifs, I just edit ones once in awhile…And, since you asked so nicely, I’ll edit one for you

Sorry for the bad quality and that I didn’t remove Gaston, I don’t have the right tools to make gifs (also I’m lazy)

There’s no need to thank me ;)