Someone draws a Swastika on November 7, 2016.

People say: Gawd, what a stupid asshole.

Someone draws a Swastika on November 9, 2016

People say: This is what it’s like now in Trump’s Amerikkka. Women and Muslims fear to go out in public. I was literally murdered today for being gay. This is the worst timeline, it’s like some sort of dystopian YA novel. #NotMyPresident

probably a lot of you don’t know what’s going on in argentina, so let me tell you.
today, october 19, women are marching. what for? for our rights, for men to stop kidnapping, raping and killing us.
we, argentine women, live in constant fear. we are afraid to leave our houses because we don’t know what’s going to happen to us in the streets and don’t know if we’re gonna come back safe and sound.
we have to cross the street so we don’t have to pass near a group of men, who will probably catcall us. catcall is never nice.
we can’t be nice to men because they mistake it and think we want to have sex. and if we say no, we’re are fucking teasers.
if we’re alone in the street and something happens to us, it’s our fault “for being alone”.
we’re afraid of wearing short shorts/skirts because hey, if someone rapes us it’s our fault for showing so much skin, not the rapist’s.
since we’re kids, they teach us that if a boy hits us it’s because he loves us. men hit their girlfriends/wives because they “wanna protect her”. love is never violent.
people tell us to learn how to defend ourselves if a man on the street want to do something to us instead of teaching men to respect us.
we’re treated as objects, something that belong to a man.
if they treat us bad, it’s our fault because we don’t leave. if we leave, we live with the terror of being haunted.
they can insult us, torture us. they can kill us.
we’re afraid and we’re tired of feeling this way.
just in the last week, seven women were murdered by the hands of men.
seven lives taken away, seven families destroyed.
today we are marching because we want our voices to be heard.
today, we scream from the top of our lungs to stop this atrocity. we scream for those who don’t have a voice anymore.
#NiUnaMenos #VivasNosQueremos