hydrator  asked:

Friends, any reasons why you are called after states of being?

*…. It sorta just stuck?

* My name came from an anon, but I guess it was also from Happy’s mono-emotional experience and how extreme it was…

* I really liked the name when I was trying to figure out my identity when I was still new to the world and everything else.

* I wouldn’t doubt that it all has to do with the fact of our relations, how we were made, and personalities….

* Like how you’re over obsessive about the demon and god stuff.

* I am not obsessive.

* Well I do get excited easily…. I guess my name still kinda fits me? Not over fear and panic though..

* So what makes you so “happy” then Happy?

* A whole lot of spite and sass, pal. My name has no meaning other than irony and the fact I don’t give a shit.

* But Happy, aren’t you happy to be around us, friend? Then you got your family, and and your friends and…and-

* Yeah yeah Hysteria…. that too, I guess….

Ribbit ribbit.

Gift for @musabori We haven’t talk in a while, sweetie! How have you been? I hope you’re doing well ♥ (and also hope you still remember who I am *sobs*). It seems that you like this froggy as much as I do, so please consider this as a gift~ I forgot to color her hands ;; sorry!