“One of the things I always tell everyone about Hysteria is that when Steve and I listened to the final mix in Holland we listened to the whole album in silence. We were blown away by what Mutt had done. I can honestly say that if it had never sold a single copy that wouldn’t have mattered as we had achieved what I believe to be out creative and artistic zenith. Obviously this was Mutt’s plan. It was much bigger than we thought it was. When we heard the finished product all of the hours and tireless experiments melted away to wonder. Recording Hysteria allowed Steve and I to finally fulfill our ‘guitar orchestra’ dream that we had been planning and talking about for years. Mutt pushed and even gave those dreams deeper dimension.
The album was not genre specific like a ‘rock album as it crossed over into many genres of music. It also appealed to multi-dimensional audiences and demographics without losing any of its rock edge.
The focus of the album was on the songs and production enhancement of those songs. The instruments became secondary as they were just a tool to fulfill the vision. There are so many guitars and vocals but nothing gratuitous. The genius of Mutt is if it’s not enhancing then it’s taking away. With so many ideas floating around we ended up enhancing like crazy always with the two key elements in mind, rhythm and melody. Sonically this album sounded different to anything that had come before it but would go on to inspire a whole generation. There was enough ear candy in the overdubs to keep people interested 26 years later. All that added up to making 'Star Wars for the ears.’
While rehearsing for 'Viva Hysteria 2013’ in Las Vegas it really hit home how much magic we had actually injected into the album.”

-Phil Collen