Cibo Matto - “White Pepper Ice Cream”

know your chicken: a cibo matto masterpost

i know my chicken, now you’ve got to know your chicken.

i absolutely love cibo matto. they’re from new york, and their music is very diverse, experimental trip-hop. i could muse for many, many flowery paragraphs about this band, but i think it would be better to let their music speak for itself.




music videos

  • know your chicken (from viva! la woman) +youtube
  • sugar water (from viva! la woman) +youtube
  • mfn (from hotel valentine) +youtube *major seizure/headache/dizziness/eye strain warning for this video. lots of rapid bright flashing colors and flashy patterns.
  • deja vu (from hotel valentine) +youtube

butter 08 (miho + yuka with some other people. more hard-rock-influenced and weirder than cibo matto’s stuff, but worth a listen if you feel like it)

one more thing: if you think miho hatori sounds familiar, you might be a gorillaz fan! miho did backing vocals on re-hash, 5/4, and 19-2000, as well as lead (spoken) vocals on left hand suzuki method. she’s noodle’s first singing voice!


Hands down, one of the sexiest songs of all-time: “Sugar Water” by NYC-based Trip Hop duo Cibo Matto. It was their break-out single taken to the charts of college radio in 1996. Via Warner Brothers. Under the album Viva! La Woman.

Apparently according to an interview referred in  … “Initially, the lyrics in their songs were primarily concerned with food.” E.g. Cibo Matto translates from the Italian to english as “Crazy Food”.

Well regardless of the gluttony sin, they totally have the seventh deadly sin/sign of good music: lust nailed. *le Sigh.

By the way, did I mention this official music video as displayed above was directed by none other than Michel Gondry? Excellent stuff.

Just decided this instant to listen to the album in its entirety - and the verdict? Recommended. Wacky fun, dancey. Romantic.