viv what are you doing to that cat

After owning both a corn snake and a bearded dragon and people asking what it’s like I’ll put it as simple as I can.

Beardies are Cats. They do their own thing, don’t tend to want much other then feeding and their poop cleaned up. They like fuss on their terms, only difference is they’ll walk off if they’re done rather then scratch you. When you hold them sometimes they’ll walk off, or they’ll snuggle down and get comfortable. Beardies are definitely cats.

Corn snakes? They’re dogs. They are literal dogs. If you have a tame and friendly one, they’ll poke out of wherever they’re hiding in their viv to greet you as soon as you enter the room. Then they sniff. Sniff sniff sniff. Only difference is a dog uses it’s nose and a snake uses it’s tongue. They’re curious, they wanna know what’s happening, and by god if you don’t make sure it’s secure they will find any means to get out and explore. Corn snakes are dogs, deffo.

There’s your simple terms of it.