Hegelian dialectic

Ten dollar word but a simple and effective strategy.

An entity, whether a person, vituperation corporation or government body creates a problem.

The public naturally has an outcry.

The entity then presents a solution which is essentially the end goal or part of the end goal in the first place. The solution usually facilitates the concentration of power from the many to the few.

The entity would never have been able to present the solution under normal circumstances so it needs an event that will create an emotional trauma. For example, the Patriot Act and Homeland security act would have never passed in a pre 9/11 world. Iraq war could not happen without it either.

Vietnam could not happen without the gulf of Tonkin, world war I Us involvement could not occur without the sinking of the Lusitania.

The event that occurs is the distraction, what should be asked instead is who benefits, monetarily, politically, etc, etc.

The prestige is an excellent movie on this topic.

Come on, pixel people, maintain some standards.

When you’re psychoanalyzing someone you’ve never met via your interpretation of their body of artistic work, here are some phrases you should not use for statements that are not factual:

• ‘It’s certain…’

• 'It’s undeniable…’

Here are some phrases you should use instead that will not actually weaken your vituperation one tiny bit:

• ’I suspect…’ 

• ’I would argue…’

•’I think the evidence indicates…’

Because unless you are an actual functioning telepath, these things you are discussing are NOT certain and they are NOT undeniable, and refusal to comprehend that makes you a presumptuous asshole. It’s such a little thing, yet such a huge one.  

This is not actually about me at this juncture, though of course it could have been in the past and could be once more in the future.

(Apologies to Charles and Jean if you guys are reading this. I know YOU two are actual functioning telepaths, it’s the rest of us I’m yelling at.)

Come with me on my vituperate ways
Ushering down gutter mouths carried by rain
Flotsam jetsam
Derelict divine
Broken in brine
Tied to buoys on tugging lines
This jettisoned world
Purposely cast overboard to lighten the load
Let the ocean of stars carry you from our grasp
The acronyms have failed to salvage the wreckage of chance

©David Sichler