dmmd boys' reactions to being called "daddy"
  • Aoba: spits out his beverage immediately
  • Koujaku: blushes profusely but goes along with it if it's what you want
  • Clear: "you must be mistaken, i don't have any children. do you need help finding your father?"
  • Noiz: smirks and proceeds to get really into it.
  • Mink: grunts. because that's what mink does in just about any situation.
  • Ren: Loses the ability to speak. blushes. stutters a lot. probably freezes up because wow he did not see that coming.
  • Sei: .....why would anyone call Sei "daddy". he's the least daddy-ish of them all
  • Mizuki: "what, me? ME? you actually mean me??????"
  • Virus and Trip: of course they're digging it. They'll probs be crazy about you acknowledging your submissiveness.
  • Toue: probably confused by it at first but being the pervy old man he is, it eventually becomes on of his biggest kinks and makes all his sexual partners call him "daddy" from that point forward.
The Signs+Who They Are in DMmd

Virgo:  The one who gets fucked by like six guys even tho hes a virgin and has really bad fashion

Leo:  The one who is literally a fucking robot

Libra:  The one who is a dog but who is really hot and also the brother of who they fuck

Sagittarius:  The one who is literally a fucking trashcan

Aquarius:  The trashcans fucking twin but not really

Scorpio:  The one who is abusive and everyone hates but his ending is like the saddest

Capricorn:  The one who is all #nohomo but in reality is extremely homo

Taurus:  The one who has like ten dick piercings and eats like all the fucking time

Gemini:  The gayer and eviler version of the guy who gets fucked by everyone

Pisces:  The one who everyone wanted to have a route and when he got one in the third game there was no gay sex so it was pointless really

Cancer:  The twin of the one who gets fucked by everyone and looks like a girl and is in the game for like five minutes and while his twin was fucking multiple guys he was suffering and dying

Aries:  The one who has a skull kink for some reason and tattoos people but his tattoos r fucking evil or some shit


Hm, so… I haven’t been feeling good during the past weeks, and didn’t upload any art. I actually considered not posting art at all anymore. Since some people seems to enjoy my art and since I’m feeling a bit better, I’m trying it again.

Drawings these actually helped me feel a bit happier. So, I hope you’ll like them.

Casual fem!vitri.


I thought that this gem perfectly summarized their relationship, so I needed to draw it in Vitri.

I don’t have much to say about this, excepted that I still need to practide drawing these twos, and that I spent way too much time on this.

Also Christmas sweaters because it’s the period and I like Christmas sweaters.

I still hope you’ll like it (and don’t forget to like/reblog the original comic)


*comes back in the fandom to post stupid things*

Okay so @ari-faye came to me with the idea of drunk Virus being sure Hersha laid eggs, and crying over the eggs he found on the fridge. Eventually, Hersha will accept to hatch (? idk if it’s the good word) them so Virus would calm down.
Next morning, when Virus wakes up, one of the eggs hatch, much to his confusion. Turns out Trip found it so funny that he went to buy a baby Allmate in an egg (like a surprise egg for kids) and put it among Hersha’s chicken eggs.

Now I just wait to see Ari’s and @goopil ‘s human versions of this baby snake named Flannery ~ 

Bonus : when talking about this I made a typo and said “Hersha’s legs”. So now imagine drunk Virus thinking Hersha has legs and being like “Why ? I loved you how you were, why would you do that ? you were a beautiful and independent snake who didn’t need legs!”