The Chair Lift at Vitosha Mountain, Sofia, Bulgaria August 2011

The first chair lift begins above Dragalevtsi District (next to Vodenitsata Restaurant) and ends in Bay Krastyo Area. The lower lift station is on 925 m. altitude, 1000 m. away from the central square of Dragalevtsi District. The upper is on 1370 m. altitude, the displacement is 455 m. This part of the lift started working in 1956. The line length is 1775 m., the trip lasts 17 min., and the capacity of the line is 300 persons per hour. The second part connects Bay Krastyo Area with Goli Vrah Summit. It is constructed in 1968, its length is 1700 m. and the displacement is 438 m. The lower lift station is next to the upper one of the first part and the upper station is on 1818 m. altitude. The trip lasts 15 min. and the capacity is 600 persons per hour.