Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, during the 15th century.
3D animation by Vitomir Jevremović

They call it Lonely Digging


Vitomir trying to work on paperwork was not an odd sight. He had his coffee– which was blacker than his morals –and an unkempt-ness to his suit that came from stress. No matter if you were a lowly office jockey or the shadow leader of Russia, paperwork was the bane of one’s existence.

No, what made this an odd sight was the ginger-haired man sitting upon his desk. Tobias Kowalczyk was his godson. His father has always been Vitomir’s dear friend, but it was unfortunate that he chose this twin of the pair to sponsor and watch over.

Tobias was a man of many complex layers, it’s just that his outward one is that of a prostitute– as he was one. He was a beautiful man of feminine looks, which is what made him so popular at his place of work. He was the kind of person who gave off an air of mystery, like there was more to him that met the eye. But at this moment, he and Vitomir were not looking eye to eye.

“Come ooon, Vito! You gotta help me!” Tobias pleaded, trying to distract him from his work. “Don’t you know a lot of sketchy people? Just hire one to beat that creep up for me!”

“Do it yourself.” He grunted, completely unsympathetic. “I’m sure you could kill the man yourself. Wouldn’t be the first time.” Ouch, low blow.

Tobias scoffed and crossed his legs. “Sure I could, then you’d have to bail me out of the gulag again.”

one-hxnded  asked:

"..You're Vitomir Kastrati? Yes? I wish to speak with you." ((The meeting, lmao))

Out of all the…. interesting characters that came to his office daily, this man seemed like the least interesting of all. A breath of fresh air from the nonsense he dealt with. “Indeed I am.” Vitomir answered, standing up from his desk which was covered in paperwork. “What is this about? You’re an American, are you not?”