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You’re Here

Summary: A group of guys hear Ian talking to Mandy about the guy he’s been hooking up with, so later that night, they decide to attack him, leaving Ian very injured. How does Mickey react to this?

Word Count: 4119

“So,” Mandy starts. “You fuck anyone other than Kash lately?” Curiosity runs through her veins as she interrogates her best friend and fake boyfriend.

Ian laughs and bashfully looks down at the floor as they walk to their third period class. “Um, yeah, actually. You know that I haven’t fucked Kash in a while.”

“Pfft, I know. Thank God. That guy’s a fucking perv.” She sticks her tongue out in disgust. “So who is it?”

Ian lets out a sigh. “Can’t tell you.”

Mandy’s brows furrow as she looks at the redhead. “What do you mean you can’t tell me? You always tell me!”

Ian looks at her apologetically. “I know, but I really can’t this time, Mands. He’s really deep in the closet. You’ll find out one day,” he tries to smile. It sucks not being able to tell his best friend that he’s been hooking up with her brother, but he doesn’t want to risk his relationship.

“Fine. Whatever, asshole,” Mandy rolls her eyes as Ian chuckles while they enter the class.

What the two of them did not realize that there were three Southside thugs silently walking behind them, listening to every word that they said to each other. The group of thugs give each other the same knowing look that says Ian Gallagher has it coming to him.

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History Meme - Italian Version

[1/10] Assassinations - Strage di Capaci (Capaci’s Massacre), 23 May 1992.

On the 23rd of May 1992, on the Capaci’s junction of the highway A29, a few kilometers away from Palermo, a huge explosion killed the Italian Magistrate Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo, and three of their body guards, Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo and Antonio Montinaro.

The attack was planned by the criminal organization Cosa Nostra, lead by the boss Totò Riina, who threw a party right after Falcone’s death.

Giovanni Falcone spent most of his life fighting the power of the Sicilian mafia. Thanks to his work, the first big trial against the mafia, known as the Maxiprocesso, could take place, between February 1986 and December 1987. The Maxiprocesso convicted 360 defendants, for a total of 2665 years of prison and 19 life sentences for the bosses.

Giovanni Falcone, along with his dear friend Paolo Borsellino, who was assassinated 57 days after Falcone, is considered a national hero and a symbol of the fight against the mafia.

“La mafia non è affatto invincibile. È un fatto umano e come tutti i fatti umani ha un inizio, e avrà anche una fine.”/”The mafia isn’t invincible. It’s a human phenomenon and thus, like all human phenomena it has a beginning, and it will also have an end.”

#Capaci (PA), 23 maggio 1992: #IoNonDimentico

“La mafia non è affatto invincibile. E’ un fatto umano e come tutti i fatti umani ha un inizio e avrà anche una fine. Piuttosto bisogna rendersi conto che è un fenomeno terribilmente serio e molto grave; e che si può vincere non pretendendo l'eroismo da inermi cittadini, ma impegnando in questa battaglia tutte le forze migliori delle istituzioni”.
Giovanni Falcone. 23 Maggio 1992.
Il nostro pensiero oggi va a lui, a Francesca Morvillo ed agli uomini della scorta Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo e Antonio Montinaro.