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RELEASE DATE for Tales of Alethrion Season One will be March 30th! Check out the trailer here! High Fives!

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Vito and Wilhelm from The Reward, an awesome ongoing animated series from Denmark!

You can watch the original short here:

Episode 1:

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Forgotten dungeons with crawling monsters and hidden treasures are the favorite quest spots for the more experienced heroes of Alethrion.

These lands are full of dungeon secrets just waiting to be discovered by our main characters. Here are some work in progress stills from the intros that are going to be showed in front of some of our future Sun Creature Studio YouTube videos. Remember to subscribe if you haven’t already :)

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Cabin and DnD Update: Tales of Alethrion.

Hello again everybody!

Just a little update from the Sun Creature.

A month has passed where we have lived and worked in a cabin far away from everything… especially internet! It has been very inspiring and now we have an animatic ready for the first episode, some of the character- and environment designs plus the treatment for the entire series. The two main characters in the first episode are Amerath and Alethrion. Alethrion is the mightiest hero whom the world was named after and Amerath is the only one who can tame him. Look forward to meet them! We’ll post their designs soon:)

We have also played Dungeons and Dragons for a whole weekend with the four lucky backers who discovered a very limited secret backer reward. It was a great success and two of them even came all the way to Denmark to play with us - and that was an amazing experience, they were all super cool. We used the program called roll20 to be able to play and then we let them loose in the world of Alethrion. Mikkel Mainz was the Dungeon Master and Kenneth played a team member with a lot of knowledge of the world. Here comes a brief synopsis of the game and what happened. We made a map for the world of Alethrion that was fitted into a roleplaying session. We made around 20 NPC characters and designed them, of course Wilhelm and Vito joined the game at one point ;)

DnD with backers:

The Group:

Crys - Swordsage (Robin French)

Eve - Ranger (Alexandra Ramsey)

Silent Nai – Elfen Beguiler (Nicholas Randall)

Cypress - Druid (David Shovelin)

Herbert – Fighter (Kenneth Ladekjer)

Dungeon Master (Mikkel Mainz)

Synopsis of the story:

In the game, the team had to travel out and figure out why animals and plants started to escape the north and die. They discovered that a sceptre had been stolen from the flying city of Arist by a frog creature called Em'rallok. Em'rallok had been neglected to be a part of the council in Arist and had therefore stolen the sceptre with the power to spread disease. The frog creatures have a skin that is poisonous and they can resist poison and disease because of their nature.

Em'rallok had taken over the city of Balask in the North, which many years ago was the capital of the humans in Alethrion. But when the Icelands melted and overflooded the city it became the home for huge sea serpents instead. The frog had to get rid of the serpents so he killed them with the disease and started to invite frog creatures from all over Alethrion to move into Balask, but the disease had a negative side effect… It kept on spreading into the land.

The group managed after many adventures to reach Balask with an Orb from the mountains of Nurh that could stop the spreading disease from reaching further. But when they faced Em'rallok they were all magically paralyzed and it all seemed to fail when suddenly two old heroes, a red haired mage and an epic warrior with a grand moustage, who had been following the group as a side quest chopped the head off the frog king Em'rallok and took the sceptre away from him. The land was saved after the orb was placed and the group gave the sceptre back to Arist and said goodbye to the two more high-leveled heroes.

We have much more to show you guys in the next update! Stay fresh and look forward to the teaser for The first episode: The Tale of Alethrion.

Stay tuned! We will be uploading the monsters, the story drawings for the DnD session and the NPC drawings these next couple of days! Have a great one!

Sun Creature


Watch the Directors of The Reward attempt to explain themselves and The live Event at Kickstarter on 18/3/2013


Map of Alethrion: Tocha and its Windmills

CLICK HERE to watch the two films The Reward and The First Hero - please support and share the Kickstarter for the epic Tales of Alethrion the animated series!

Tocha is the most common land of Alethrion and it is here most adventurers begin their travels. Vito and Wilhelm grew up in the peaceful and boring farmer village Tohan. Later they almost got eaten in Lake Love, flew over the Canyon of Prey on big birds and got in a deadly battle in the Windmill City of Draloque. It is an area of Alethrion that has a bit of everything and you can live a whole life travelling here without missing out on anything.

The electricity in the world of Alethrion comes from nature. Which is also why you will see a lot of windmills everywhere - especially in Tocha. Magic is used for attacking but is hard to control and therefore not used as a main energy source. It is hard to contain energy which makes it hard to use a lot of energy at once unless there is a lot of wind as there is in Draloque.

Let us present some of the most known areas of Tocha:

Draloque: The Windmill City . It is the highest placed city which connects the Canyon of Prey with the civilized world. There is so much wind that the windmills always grants the city energy. It is always packed with parties, mafias and casinos. Many visit this place but very few stay here for a long time. There are always new faces and you should always keep your wallet close. You can find most of the things you need here. It is the hometown of Mira, Tira Uruth and Zit.

Tohan, farmer town Where Vito and Wilhelm grew up. This is the most boring place in Alethrion. When something happens, like a hero riding by, everybody become overly excited. They are farmers and are living the simple life here. Sometimes, very rarely, young people of Tohan travel out to discover what lies beyond the horizon line.

Gnobel, the engineer’s capital . The Canyon of Prey has all the materials an engineer would want to play with which is also why Gnobel is placed in the middle of it. It is a city where all the best educated craftsmen work and many different races live. The transports are going in and out all of the time. One of their biggest projects were to build Draloque the Windmill City. It would have been nothing without Gnobel, which is also why inventions come to Draloque first.

Canyon of Prey It is difficult to pass if you don´t fly over it or use the small roads on the hill sides. People use big birds or air vehicles to get through. The canyon is not inhibited by many, mostly birds and mountain goats live here.

Lake Love Very large fish can be caught here and this is what brings many fishermen in danger. Intelligent octopuses have mermaid arms and the big fish also have a taste for land creatures. Also, secret caves can be found on the little islands and under the lake.

The Slit Some say that this bottomless hole was made by the gods many years ago. But different tribes and creatures have settles on the sides of the hole in different levels. Some say that this is the only way down to humun, the banished god, and other demon like creatures who only fear the light. A few religious cults have found out that Humun is a vegetarian and throws down veggie dishes as sacrifices for him.  

Targo Falls the most fresh water comes from this great fall. Tribe against against pollution live around here.  

Bowey Disco barbarian tribe that really like their hair and take dance super serious. It is a city that is build in a huge snail house, so it moves around the land. Uruth, from Mira´s gang, grew up here, but was sent away when he flirted with the other male dancers.

Ugarth A harbor that consists of bridges with houses attached to them. Vehicles have been replaced with boats and they trade with fish and sea merchandise. Aquatic people (merfolk) live side by side with humans here.

Dern The vulcano village where Alethrion killed the Dern Dragon so that the people could live in peace. Great vacation area and nice to visit for backpackers looking for exotic and different areas.


2 hours left of our Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion - the animated fantasy series! We are 4% from reaching our stretch goal which is another episode! Since our backers choose (by voting) who they want to follow in the next episodes we have made a thank you illustration where the main characters are racing against each other! Amerath is in the leading position but Epic Wilhelm and Vito are really close to her! 2 more hours to vote or back the project if you haven´t already :)

Thank you everyone! The warmest and most passionated high fives to all of you!

In the next update on the Kickstarter we will also announce the winner of the drawing competition where you could get your own monster design (#toamonster) into the series from twitter, tumblr or instagram:) Follow us on youtube for much more about the series!

Elise and Alice dressed as Wilhelm and Vito from ‘the reward’ animated short. Elise is pushing up a part of her hair in an attempt to make it somewhat like Wilhelm’s, but it’s not working very well :p

By the way, please consider contributing to the reward kickstarer! The original short is there too, so you can go watch it if you haven’t yet. It’s really great and I love it and I won’t stop promoting it until it reaches it’s goals c:


The days have been busy and It’s been a long time since our last Youtube upload but now we are back!

This is Kenneth Ladekjær doing his magic here at Sun Creature Studio. We would like to show you the different processes and happenings during the making of The Reward: Tales of Alethrion. This time we zoom in on Animation! Kenneth shows the scene he animated in the teaser while talking about the process of and the idea behind the animation in the Reward series.

Head over to the channel if you are interested in more videos from the sun

More behind the scenes videos can be found here

yay another reward pic!

 i was drawing this while watching the sun creature studio live stream

i tell you what , it was fun

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i guess wilhelm and vito are just tired in the pic from the constant fighting, and then they keep getting into fights (sort of like pokemon eh?)


Thank you all for the great journey this kickstarter has been.

Now we are entering the last last week up until the deadline. 5 days left. With your massive support we have reached so far! Thank you thank you tumblr people!

We could never have gotten so far without you. Enjoy this video with the music from the talented Mathias Winum.