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How can you cope with having vitiligo? Do people bully you? How do you respond to it?

yay, great questions! when i was younger (like elementary/middle school), i used to hate my vitiligo. i was so insecure that i wouldn’t leave the house in shorts or short sleeves even if it was like 80+ degrees outside. people made fun of me for my spots all the time, but only because i was so sensitive about them. people would call me really rude names like dalmatian and some people would even bark at me. but i realized that people only bully people if they know they’ll get a response out of them. in high school, i decided that no one’s opinion’s mattered other than my own, and that changed literally everything. i created a new outlook on my spots and learned to love them because they made me different. once i did this, other people followed. now, everyone thinks my spots are really awesome, and a few guys i know actually think they’re attractive. so, the way i cope with having vitiligo is loving and accepting it. and no, people don’t bully me (anymore, at least). and if this is coming from another human being with vitiligo, i hope you can learn to love and accept yours if you haven’t already!

It’s #worldvitiligoday and though I wasn’t planning on posting for it - tonight, I’m thinking I should. I’ll share in all of my spotted glory and revel in what makes me different. Most of you might know I have #vitiligo but for those of you who don’t, now you know what the patches on my skin are. Perhaps you’ve wondered ;-) Happy Vitiligo Day to all of my spotted friends out there!
#vitiligonation #livingwithvitiligo #vitiligoawareness #spottingbeauty #justflawed

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