3 models (@dori_ane711 @nikiaphoenix @leonie_timothy) 3 different stories, 3 different cities (LA, London, DC) sit down with one magazine, to bring awareness of #selflove in a beauty & lifestyle spread like never before! Via Txturemagazine #freckles #albinism #vitilgo #blackskin #skin #whatsyourtxture #thisisepic #inmyskin #myblackisbeautiful #genius

stubborndragon asked:

wait i wanna ask where did the inspiration for jasper having vitilgo come from?? its so cool to see characters who have it!!! (if its not obivous i also have vitiligo ITS SO COOL TO SEE HOW YOU DREW IT IM SORRY IM FREAKIN AH) also your art is amazeballs and perfection

GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH! and I’m sorry I’m so late replying to this!

I honestly saw a bunch of other artists on tumblr drawing human Jasper with vitiligo and I loved it! I definitely wasn’t the first to draw it, but its really pretty and I’m glad so many people share the same headcanon!