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Have and of your headcannons for characters changed? If so, which ones?

Yeah I have updated a lot of them as more information is revealed.

I used to headcanon old woman josie as chinese but now we know she’s afrolatina and she’s not even that old

I changed Marcus to look more young and hip and now his hair matches his wings.

After hearing Steve I changed him permanently to Katie’s design because he’s more likeable.

After hearing Tamika’s description I changed her to look more stocky and mature

Earl also changed after hearing his voice, now he’s more manly and he has facial hair.

Leonard too, at first I thought he was a drag queen but that’s clearly not the case lmao

And of course there was the case where I thought Vithya was russian but then a lot of people got angry and i learned she was actually indian so I fixed her

And Maureen, at first I drew her like this but then I found she’s irish/jewish and I made some adjustments.


Merry WTNV Secret Santa time!!!

was given prompts from @dogmermaid i just couldn’t choose from, being dana/vithya fluff, and cecil and carlos’ morning routine! 

dana and vithya, still as interns, hanging out in the break room to take selfies and sneak some smooching in! and as for the mornings, cecil’s a bit of a zombie and hates waking up, takes that out on coffee beans while carlos fries them up some breakfast, and then the two of them happily sit together and eat, getting in some good sappy smushy time just staring into each others eyes inbteween turns of reading the imaginary newspress!

thank you so much for some fun prompts, and hope that yourself, and everyone, have a great time and enjoy this holiday season!  ♥ 

Vithya was walking around town, still getting used to being acknowledged. Although being human again sort of confused her; was she now an intern again at the station? Was she to just pick up where her life ended or did she have to start over.

So lost in her thoughts she nearly walked into a stranger. “Ah! S-sorry, I-I did not see you!”

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cecil gershwin palmer is genderfluid for sure and probably panromantic. carlos is a gray-ace demiguy and they are in forever love. intern dana is bi, but prefers women, and is still figuring out the whole gender identity thing but thinks ze might be nonbinary. hir qpp is aro-ace trans girl vithya. everyone is queer.

Sad news, everyone.

Old Woman Josie says that the Angels who have been living with her — helping around the house and ultimately protecting her from all evils — have disappeared. It’s hard to say just how sad this news is, for two important reasons:

  1. Angels are not real, and
  2. we are not allowed to know about their existence or hierarchical structure.

Josie called this weekend and spoke to Vithya, our station intern. She said that the Angels often leave her for a few hours, or days, at a time…but they’ve never been gone for three straight weeks. She thinks that they are off fighting an important war for good, but she’s worried that maybe she just made them mad, or bored.

“Angels get bored very easily,” Josie said. Which is strange, because they are eternal, and there is a lot of down-time during immortality.

Vithya told Josie that Angels aren’t real, and that we cannot know such things about them. But this just made Vithya cry, because if you talk about Angels, and you are one who has been secretly chosen by Angels, for special Angelic purposes, you will start crying.

Vithya has been sobbing quite a bit this morning, as a matter of fact. I keep asking her, “Are you OK?”

But she just says, “Angels aren’t real,” and then buries her tear streaked face into her inner elbow and runs off.

Everyone, it appears the Angels, if they are real (and they are not), have left Night Vale. And none of us are allowed to know this, so…forget I said anything.

//I forgot that I did a few dress-up dolls for Vithya when I was trying to figure out what I thought she looked like and decided I’d share!

//I thought this was pretty close (though her wings would be a tinted blue) but you couldn’t really tell the sort of clothing she would wear which is traditional and I had to dig around for a doll maker that had some.

//But I found one! I feel like she’d more or less wear these sort of clothing. I think I did two more but I really like this outfit the best for her :D

The Man in the Tan Jacket: a canon primer

With the book only days away, I thought I’d put together a compilation of everything we know about this mysterious character. So you can refresh your memory and fire up your theories! I will not be including things from the book excerpts, if you want to go in spoiler-free. Links and descriptions under the cut. (Sorry mobile users)

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🌙 ((The first one sounds good, or anything else that catches your eye!))

1. Trapped AU; Muse A is a young monster and Muse B is a human that finds them in captivity, being experimented on. From that point on, it is Muse B’s mission to free them somehow

((First one it is! Should she be an angel still or a harpy? :0))

Vithya longed for the open skies; she hated being trapped down below the surface. She hated all these humans in white robes poking a prodding her. Vithya just wants to be free again…

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Something had happened Vithya could sense it; another angel was among them. And... they were in the library?? Immediately the angel flew over, tentatively entering the building. "Eve?" She called out, looking around nervously. "Eve are you in here?"

Eve was crouched behind the desk, but her tawny wings poked out from behind the desk. She was trying not to let the new senses overwhelm her. When Vithya entered in the library, she could sense the almost blinding aura around the angel. All these new sensations were extremely frightening to her. 

the return of Icarus

everything Jim had asked for was easy enough to find–the tablet from storage, the phone from the glovebox of his car, both charged overnight, and the weighted blanket the kids from Jim’s group had made–and all packed into a small bag.  and after giving it a new tank of gas, it was like his car hadn’t sat unused for a month at all.

Lucy could scarcely sleep the night before Vithya was meant to go pick Jim up, and so rose a bit earlier than she really wanted.  after pacing around the apartment probably a dozen times, checking that all of Jim’s things were indeed packed and by the door, fruitlessly laying back in bed for what felt like forever, and seeing only half an hour or so had passed, Lucy admitted defeat and shuffled into the kitchen to put on the kettle.

[txt] hey Vith, I’m up

[txt] gave up on sleeping until a reasonable hour like a normal person, but I’m still good to meet you out front of my place at 730 to walk over



Vithya had been practicing quite hard with her teleportation. She only managed to get it right once and well, she supposed if she could do it once she could theoretically do it again, correct?

And she even had an destination too. Lucy had be pretty conscerned for her double and while Vithya was surprised that Lucy had one, the angel was completely okay with checking in on her for Lucy. This Melanie lived in Desert Bluffs of course, so Vithya had to really concentrate on her in order to teleport herself to her.

But finally her hard work seemingly paid off; after the familiar rush of wind, Vithya found herself standing in the middle of an unfamiliar apartment with a lot of different art all over the place.

This had to be Melanie’s place, right?

paintinthebluffs technicallynightvale

Vithya wasn’t sure how to feel. She certainly missed Eli when he was gone, but she was still nervous. She arrived at Tourniquet, not exactly sure how to ask anyone if Eli was here. Mostly because she was an Erika now, and thus couldn’t be acknowledged. That was another thing to worry about; Eli couldn’t really acknowledge her, so could their ‘relationship’ end because of that??


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Melanie had offered to go get a few grocery things for Finch, and she was pleased to find the kind of tea she liked right at the front of her adventure, the shelf was just that little bit too high. [paintinthebluffs]

Vithya was doing a little bit of her own shopping, turning into the tea section when she spotted someone struggling to reach one of them. On instinct, she floated a little the air, grabbing the tea for the struggling patron.

“Here you are Mi–Oh!” She blinked in surprise. “Melanie?”

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Eve inserted the key in the heavy door lock and turned it, the stone door pulling aside. She stepped through first, turning up a lamp so they could have light. "Be careful..."

Vithya nodded, carefully following in after her. She had tucked away her wings so that they wouldn’t hit anything and stayed close to the other woman. “Do you think there are librarians in here?”