Texas church shooter, 26, who killed at least 26 people had been dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force for assaulting his wife and child

Devin Patrick Kelley, a married father, walked into the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, dressed in black, tactical gear with a ballistics belt and an assault rifle, and began shooting, according to local law enforcement sources. The attack only stopped when Kelley was confronted by local hero Stephen Willeford, 55, who shot him through a gap in his body armor as the gunman tried to leave the church. Kelley was reportedly killed by that same brave neighbor following a high speed car chase.

At least 26 people were killed in the shooting, but the death toll is expected to climb. Victims include a two-year-old girl, a pregnant woman and the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor.

In the episode that Wilson calls “one of the most horrible and haunting of the whole poem,” Odysseus returns home to find that his palace has been overrun by suitors for his wife’s hand. Though she has resisted them, the women in her palace have not. Odysseus, after slaying the suitors, tells his son, Telemachus, to kill the women. It is an interesting injunction from Odysseus, who himself, during his 10 years of wandering, was serially unfaithful. In Robert Fagles’s much-praised translation of the poem, Telemachus says, before he executes the palace women on his father’s command: “No clean death for the likes of them, by god!/Not from me — they showered abuse on my head, my mother’s too!/You sluts — the suitors’ whores!”

But Wilson, in her introduction, reminds us that these palace women — “maidservants” has often been put forward as a “correct” translation of the Greek δμωαι, dmoai, which Wilson calls “an entirely misleading and also not at all literal translation,” the root of the Greek meaning “to overpower, to tame, to subdue” — weren’t free. Rather, they were slaves, and if women, only barely. Young female slaves in a palace would have had little agency to resist the demands of powerful men. Where Fagles wrote “whores” and “the likes of them” — and Lattimore “the creatures” — the original Greek, Wilson explained, is just a feminine definite article meaning “female ones.” To call them “whores” and “creatures” reflects, for Wilson, “a misogynistic agenda”: their translators’ interpretation of how these females would be defined.


Wyatt Mason on Professor Emily Wilson in The First Woman to Translate the “Odyssey” Into English. New York Times, November 2, 2017.

This is so important. I never knew that the “maidservants” on Ithaka were slaves based on the popular men’s translations that I’ve read before. Fagles and Lattimore have condemned enslaved women as “whores” and “creatures,” blaming them for crimes that they were the victims of. The enslaved women on Ithaka had no say in any aspect of their lives, and Odysseus and Telemachus vitcim-blamed them so severely as to torture them to death. Fagles and Lattimore’s translations of these women are absolutely outrageous, even if they don’t surprise me at all. Another great example as to why we need more women in classics.

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How do you take away the pain?

You don’t. You go on with your life and try to get yourself involved and hope that it’ll numb the pain a bit. You rediscover yourself. Pain changes people. Spend time with yourself. Find out what your hobbies and interests are. Find out ways to be productive, even when you don’t really want to be. What you need to know is, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Nevermind how long and scary that tunnel is, it’ll come to an end, and you’ll get to the light.
Pray for it too. Pray like never before. Pray that Allah would grant you ease and happiness. Find solace in the Quran. Read the stories of the prophets, peace be upon them, and the companions, may Allah be pleased with them, and how they’ve dealt with different calamities and came out stronger than ever.
Inspire others. Making people happy and inspiring them ultimately reflects back, and will help you with your journey. A vitcim can be a fighter too, only if you decide to. Create a ripple that’ll affect people. Even if you just made someone smile, that’s you succeeding.
Know that on some days getting out of bed will be too hard of a job. It’s alright. We all go through these days too and beating yourself up for it isn’t the answer.
Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your little victories, even if it’s just you making it out of bed and showering, simply having breakfast or going grocery shopping.
We all pretend to be okay, even when we really aren’t. Don’t let the lack of support discourage you. Be patient with yourself. You can do it. You will overcome this. You will come out stronger than ever.
I’ll be praying for you, love. Jazak(i) Allah khair 🌸

Jeffrey Dahmer Robert Ressler Interview
part five
Jeffrey Dahmer Robert Ressler Interview

In this audio clip, jeffrey dahmer discusses photographing his vitcims with fbi agent, robert ressler

Ressler: What was the idea to pose him there?

Dahmer: It was just a way to exhibit control, the way I wanted them to look, and to accentuate the physique.

Ressler: Keeping these photographs then, was important to you as well.

Dahmer: I’d use them for masturbation.

Ressler: Yeah, and you had a lot of them.

Dahmer: Right.

List of Alexander Pichushkin’s verified victims:

  • Vyacheslav Klimov, AN (3),born in 1937, the murder is unknown,
  • Yuri (4), year of birth is unknown, was killed June 22, 2001, 
  • Tikhomirov, Nicholas (5), born in 1936, was killed June 26, 2001 ; 
  • Oleg Lvov (7), born 1952, killed July 2, 2001, 
  • Safonov, GD (8), year of birth is unknown, was killed July 13, 2001, 
  • Pavlov, Sergey (9), born in 1957, was killed July 14, 2001; 
  • Elistratov VP (10), year of birth is unknown, was killed July 20, 2001; 
  • Konovaltsev Andrey (12), year of birth is unknown, was killed July 26, 2001,
  • Vyacheslav (13), not identified, was killed January 18, 2002; 
  • Veselovsky Andrew (14) , year of birth is unknown, killed on 29 January 2002; 
  • Yuri Chumakov (15), born 1954, killed February 13, 2002, 
  • Boris N. Nesterov (18), born in 1955, was killed March 7, 2002; 
  • Lobov Mikhail (20), born 1989, assault March 10, 2002, survived; 
  • Chervyakov GM (21), year of birth is unknown, was killed August 24, 2002; 
  • Ilyinsky NI (22), year of birth is unknown, was killed September 13, 2002; 
  • Minaev VM (23), year of birth is unknown, was killed September 25, 2002, 
  • Fedorov SV (24), year of birth is unknown, was killed September 30, 2002;
  • Pushkov A. (25), year of birth is unknown, was killed November 2, 2002; 
  • Dolmatov VN (26), year of birth is unknown, killed on 12 November 2002, 
  • VP Il'in (28), year of birth is unknown, was killed March 27, 2003; 
  • Kashtanov Igor (29), p. 1941., Was killed April 4, 2003; 
  • Stanova VP (31), year of birth is unknown, was killed May 10, 2003, 
  • SS Chudin (32), year of birth is unknown, was killed May 12, 2003, 
  • Vladimir (33), an unidentified, 
  • Nikolay A. Vorobyov (40), year of birth is unknown, killed on 15 October 2005;
  • Lavrienko O.(42), year of birth is unknown, was killed November 21, 2005; 
  • Dudukin VI (43), p. 1932., Killed November 28, 2005,
  • Soloviev VN (45), year of birth is unknown, was killed December 16, 
  • Grishin, BA (46), year of birth is unknown, was killed December 19, 2005;
  • Lyovochkin AN (47), year of birth is unknown, was killed December 26, 2005;
  • Romashkin JN (48), year of birth is unknown, killed on 27 February 2006; 
  • Joldoshev MA (50), year of birth is unknown, was killed March 24, 2006; 
  • Kulygina Larissa (51), year of birth is unknown, killed April 12, 2006.

“I´m killing Anders Breivik” 

“Ich Töte Anders Breivik” (I´m killing Anders Breivik) is a 2012 Rap-Song from german artist Grim104 in which he describes how he travels back in time to kill Anders Breivik to prevent him from doing the 2011 Utoya/Oslo terror attacks in which 77 people died.
Therefore he sacrifices himself by becoming a murderer of an innocent man. 


I believe the reason Camila could leave Syco and Epic records and the other members of Fifth Harmony can’t is because of one simple fact. Money. Think about it. Fifth Harmony were spending way more money than they were making, putting them in an increasing amount of debt to the record label and binding them further to their contracts .

Meanwhile Camila was releasing Hit singles outside of Fifth Harmony that were racking in the dollars, giving her enough money to leave the contract without any more obligations. After all they only said Camila was no longer “contractually bound to Fifth Harmony” which is incredibly strange considering they supposedly had a five album contract. So why was Camila allowed to leave? That’s an easy one, it’s because Camila Cabello was able to buy herself out. The rest of the girls were not able to that and are therefore still bound to their contracts. Do you really think they would re-sign them contracts again? No way. They knew the situation and had multiple discussions (like Camila said) on the tour away from management, where they could just be the Lylas and decide what was best for them and I believe they all 100% agreed that if only Camila could go it would be better than the five of them staying and being treated like “slaves”.

Well surely by releasing two singles Camila would have found herself in more debt and unable to leave, right? Wrong. Camila never needed to promote her singles. We did that for her. The idea of Camila releasing solo music apart from a Fifth Harmony and causing a potential break up was enough to get people talking and buying. Meaning they never actually had to spend a dime. As well as this, Camila’s first single was a collaboration with Shawn Mendes who already had a pre-existing fan-base and a completely separate record label - Island records - to split the costs with, therefore increasing her profits, whilst 5H sank deeper into their debts.

I believe Camila was planning on leaving for a long time (just like she said) and was given help from several different people outside of Fifth Harmony and their management on how to escape her contract. 

I believe she was aided by someone who knows the Industry inside and out, someone who knows how to make a profit, someone who has more than enough connections to network with other artists and get Camila several more collaborations. I believe this someone was Taylor Swift.

Didn’t Camila first write and collaborate with Shawn Mendes at a Taylor Swift concert? Didn’t all this drama and tension within the fandom start in 2015 as Camila grew closer to Taylor?  I’m not saying Taylor is at fault for any of this, BUT I do think she played a very important role in getting Camila free of her contract.

Then along came Roger Gold. Camila’s new manager, who boosted her into the stratosphere, whilst shaping her image to fit the ‘girl next-door’ persona. Soon enough came Machine Gun Kelly out of nowhere with his new single “Bad things” that he so desperately wanted Camila to collaborate on with him, despite the fact of never mentioning the girls name or showing any hint of recognition towards her or Fifth Harmony before hand. So where did THIS collaboration come from? The answer is Roger Gold.

It’s no secret that Camila, Sinu and Roger have been working incredibly closely together for the past year and no-one officially knew why and to what end they were trying to meet. This end was to find Camila enough financial security and media coverage to leave the group whilst appearing to be the vitcim in all of this. And that’s no fault of her own. Since the very beginning Camila has been portrayed as America’s sweetheart, Earning her everyone’s love and affection. After all who could hate Camila? OT4 stans. Yep I said it. Our very own fandom turned their back on Camila. But this was perfect and just what they needed. Camila was beginning to receive so much hate (That actually equated to the same amount that Lauren received in 2014 or Normani received in 2016) that we began to feel sorry for her and believe she was being isolated by the other members of Fifth Harmony, which is apparently not the case. 

This brings me to the very root of the problems - Management. It’s not secret that when an artist does something a large record label disagrees with their name will be blackballed. This is what I believe is currently happening to Camila, as a result of her leaving, she is now being punished in ‘oh so subtle ways’ that most wouldn’t even bat an eye lid. I mean she deserves it right? She left her girls, who encourage nothing but unity among women, for a chance in the spotlight right? Wrong, Camila left because the girls are being so ill-fully mistreated and abused by the higher powers who dictate everything in their lives. This includes how they interact among social media. They are making it seem as though the girls don’t like each other, when that is far from the case. 

Dinah Jane (Godbless her soul) made sure we knew that. She documented every moment up until and including their last performance on her snapchat. She made sure we saw her hugging and comforting Normani, to show harmonizers they still cared and was just as hurt by the situation as we were going to be. Dinah Jane made sure she showed nothing but love and positivity towards Camila days before her exit on both Instagram and Snapchat so we knew there was no bad blood. There never was. These five girls loved each other to the bone and they still do. But with he limited freedom they have at the moment they are making their muted voices heard through the masses. Through leaked audio clips of cried desperation and exhaustion (on both parts),  by joining our social media movements such as #unfollow5H. It may not seem like much, but it’s the best they can do at this point in time. So we HAVE to stand by their sides - Make our voices heard when theirs are silenced. Hold them together when they are being pulled apart. Take a stand when we’re being pushed down.

This goes for every member of Fifth Harmony. Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui & Normani kordei 

Fifth Harmony gave us a voice, now let’s give them theirs!

ships people get angry about in most fandoms: shipping lesbians with men, shipping vitcims with their abusers, shipping adults with children

ships people get angry about in the love live fandom: idk man, shipping the girl that goes nyaa a lot with nico nico nii

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How would the main 4 react when finding out their SO is a vitcim of domestic abuse?

** this can either be platonic (you’re Actively in the abusive relationship) or romantic (you were Previously in the abusive relationship)

asgore sans + mettaton


he believes in The Best everyone can be but… he’s not so tolerant when it’s people he cares about getting hurt, not himself. if push comes to shove, he’s not above resorting to ‘capturing’ your abuser and delivering them directly to the police with a kindly worded note about why they’re there


undyne thinks of her friends and pounds your abuser with her fists. Honestly. she’s not one to kindly talk it over and she’s definitely not going to be as gentle as papyrus. monster SOULs are made of love, hope, and compassion- it’s literally incomprehensible to her (and, thus, completely disgusting) that someone would hurt someone they’re romantically entangled with 


she has a few. technological ideas that she’d be. uh. willing to share??? if you ever wanted to get them behind bars within the human legal system (alphys its not universal). she’s been boning up on ‘human law’ and looking for ways to get you out of the situation without direct confrontation or further endangering you- if it gets too bad, though, she might just make a call straight to undyne and have her Extract you from the situation

Watch on

I am crying, this was a beautiful Tribute to the Newtown victims.

“The son Emma stole from her.”

Ex-fucking-cuse you.

Emma did no such thing.

Henry CAME TO HER. He WENT OUT AND FOUND HER. Emma did not come barging into his life demanding to be recognized as his mother. She came to Storybrooke to bring him home, with every intention of turning around and leaving once she’d done that.

But she stayed, for Henry, because he ASKED HER TO. He WANTED THAT.

Emma told Regina on multiple occasions that she was not a mother. Couldn’t be one. Does that sound like a bio mom that’s trying to worm her way into her kids life and replace the one who raised him?

The answer is no.

Emma only started making a bid for a place as Henry’s mother when it became clear that HE WAS IN DANGER BECAUSE OF REGINA’S ACTIONS.

That is not ‘stealing’ him. That is being concerned for the safety of someone you love and wanting to PROTECT THEM. 

And don’t fucking throw 'but legally he is Regina’s’ in here anywhere. Illegally, Regina facilitated Katheryn’s abduction (and MURDER, if she’d had her way). Illegally, Regina framed Mary Margaret. Illegally, Regina falsely imprisoned Belle for 28 years. Illegally Regina had every intention of falsely imprisoning Kurt so she could keep Owen/Greg to herself. Illegally, Regina had Sydney dig into Henry’s closed adoption, and Emma’s sealed juvenile record. The list goes on. But it’s Regina, so in those instances, it was perfectly understandable, I suppose? 

But Emma (because Emma IS Henry’s mother as well, whether you feel like accepting that or not) wanting to keep a child she loves out of harms way isn’t?


Fact of the matter is, Regina was MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSING HER SON. She treated him more as an object then she did a person, which is just what you lot are going by saying that Emma 'stole’ him.

Regina is distant and manipulative to her son for a decent chunk of his life, but when he’s had enough of that suddenly it’s 'she lost him’?


And that isn’t Emma fault. It’s Regina’s.

Raising a child from birth does not negate mistreatment of that child.

As for 3B, well, you know what? Emma went her whole life not having a family. And she got a taste of that, albeit fabricated, in that year sans-memories. She’s hardly a bitch for wanting that to continue, given all she’s been through.

Do I agree with her decision to whisk Henry back to New York without returning his memories, or even with his memories? Hell no. I think that was a dumb move. Well, dumb intent. She didn’t actually do it.

But I understand why she wanted to.  She wanted normal. She wanted her own life, not a life of chasing monsters and breaking curses and having to be everyone’s savior. And she wanted to keep her son safe

Why would you fault her for that? Because of your precious Regina? 

Sorry. Not good enough.

And don’t get me started on all the the children that have been separated from their parents due to saint 'perfect mother’ Regina. Hint: it’s quite the list.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not exactly bogged down with pity when it comes to Regina’s relationship with Henry. 

Basically, I think to fault one mother, who has put Henry first since basically the beginning, in defense of the mother that mistreated him due to her own selfish agenda is absolute crap

EDIT: To be clear, I want Henry and Regina to have a healthy relationship. I do. But his relationship with Emma does not have to suffer or be belittled in order for that to happen, nor do Regina’s actions toward Henry in season 1 need to be skated over which, unfortunately, they are. 

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ok story time about ward: my nine year old sister watches aos and the other day she was rewatching the ep w/ buddy and said to me "i'm sad for ward, him and garrett are like rapunzel and mother gothel in tangled, how mother gothel does bad things to rapunzel then makes rapunzel think it's her fault. he just needed skye to be eugene and help him get out." like if a 9 year old understands that grant ward is an abuse vitcim why can't most of the teens and twenty somethings on this site like???

what the fuck that’s depressing as hell oh no

man now i wanted a tangled au wth

but the point is, because kids haven’t absorbed all the preconceived notions we do through toxic culture quite yet i suppose??

god that’s sad

but thank you for sharing with me :)

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Stop playing the vitcim, you and your fandom are disgusting

Okay now you sit the fuck down and you listen,

you are the reason this fandom is such a horrible place, people like you are making this fandom a disgusting place where actors and writers are bullied for not doing what the fans want.

Don’t come to me insulting the CS fandom, don’t, I will literally eat you alive, I’m so tired of CSers getting the wrong end of the stick, we aren’t perfect, we have our bad apples, but WE ARE A SUPER NICE FANDOM and people bash us NON STOP and harass us, don’t come to me and tell me the ST fandom is the nicest of them all, I saw real assholes there, and that’s the problem, they play nice they say they are the nice ones but I’m sorry, some of the worst apples of the OUAT fandom are hidden there, I was harassed for days because of them, I GOT HARASSED DURING NEW EVE BY THE ST FANDOM and guess what?? All the STers thought it was normal and deserved, NO ONE, NO ONE said something, they are agreed and praised the bullies, when the same shit happen, some CSers including myself called the other off and the gifset was deleted from our blogs, 

Like enough with the nice and bad fandom, this is bullshit, I’m sick today, and I’m done playing nice, I’m done with STers being praised and being called nice ones because that’s not true, they are for me the worst fandom I’ve ever seen, one of the worst, I know blogs here that play nice online but who are horrible on twitter, harassing the writers. Like get over yourself, there’s no good fandom. But don’t call mine disgusting, I know this fandom, I know my shipmates, there’s bad apples, but no, i’m telling, this fandom is sweet and caring, we took off a long time ago, 

Bye bye bitches