We’ve asked DeCtar - polish DJ, producer and first of all; our friend, to review her latest purchase - Vitax Pear & Cinnamon for us!

Okay, so before I start, I gotta tell you something. I suck at writing reviews. Of any type. I’m also more of a coffee girl, to be honest the only tea I drink is mint tea and rooibos tea. Sometimes green tea and very rarely - pu erh & yerba mate. But that’s where my tea-knowledge ends. I’m not a big fan of the fruity teas, even though I used to love them as a child. I think it’s a Polish thing anyway! I saw one of Alex’s posts and she mentioned it as well…fruity tea with loads of sugar. Oh these were the days… Anyway, I should probably start the review itself at this point, yeah?
So yesterday I ran out of rooibos. I was just going to buy it when I noticed this Pear & Cinnamon Vitax tea and it caught my attention as I’m a BIG fan of cinnamon, ginger and stuff like that. I decided to give it a go, even though I spent good 10 minutes wondering if I should or should NOT buy it (wasn’t the cheapest one, and as I said, I pretty much hate fruity teas). But you know what? I bought it and I don’t regret it. The tea is very aromatic, it pretty much tastes like pear juice with a pinch of cinnamon, not an actual ‘tea’. Perfect to warm you up - apparently it’s a limited edition (for winter) - how did I not spot it earlier?! Oh right wait, I’m always looking for coffee…

The tea was brewing for 10 minutes - I thought it’s a long time and it MIGHT get too strong but it didn’t. The taste was very refreshing, I think it’d also taste great when cold. I may actually buy one more box of it and save it until the summertime to see how this one works as iced tea, with loads of ice and sugar…something tells me it’d be amazing. The box contains 15 bags of the tea, each one packed separately which is good because it means that the tea itself is not losing its aroma after opening the box and you can take a bag or two to work, school or wherever you want, without looking like an idiot. I highly recommend it, if you like fruity teas you’ll love it, if you don’t - you’ll love it as well, trust me. Even without the sugar it’s not bitter, contains only natural ingredients (no E666 or whatever to make it smell like a strawberry sea from your fantasy): Apple, Hibiscus, Blackberry Leaf, Cinnamon (7%), Chicory, Wild Rose, Pear (0,5%). There could be more PEAR for sure…but it tastes amazing anyway.

*7 Thumbs Up*

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