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Hey :) I've been vegetarian for my whole life (no gelatin and fur, leather as well) and I mainly life on an organic diet. I tried to be vegan but my mom wont allow it (my sister almost died of vitamin b12 lack) I feel really bad for eating egg/milk..

Hi kawaii-neko-ai ! :)

We have to respect our parents of course, but they have to respect us as well. I understand that for many parents is more likely concerns than just force their sons and daughters to eat meat. article it might help you out a little, it seems that your parents at least don’t give you a hard time, but it will help:

There are many ways to get your vitamin B12 at a good level.

Fortified Cereals
A wide array of cereals now exist with the percent daily value (DV) of vitamin B12 added in. Vegans can eat the cereal with soy, rice, or almond milk.
List of Cereals High in Vitamin B12.

Fortified Soy Products
Most vegans consume soy both as a dairy substitute, and as a source of protein. Many soy products now come fortified with vitamin B12. Check the nutrition facts of the product to be sure.

Fortified Drinks
As more and more people are becoming vegan companies are seeing the benefit of fortifying drinks with vitamin B12. Drinks like Vitamin Water provide a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

Vitamin Pills
Consuming vitamin B12 directly through pills is a great way to to ensure proper levels of vitamin B12 with little fuss. A wide variety of supplement pills are readily available at

Women’s Gummy Vitamins Review + Coupons

Ladies, if you’re searching for the right gummy vitamins for you, look no further. I’ll be giving you an in-depth review on five different vitamin brands so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

These gummies feature 26 fruits and vegetables that are targeted to women’s needs, something that none of the other vitamins have. They have Vitamin C and E as well as Biotin, which are all essential to women’s hair, skin, and nails, and they have a significantly higher amount of vitamin A than the rest of the gummies that I will be reviewing. The downside? They’re pricey, at $13.00+ for only 75 gummies, they taste awful, and they smell terrible.

These vitamins taste great and are my #1 pick. These gummies are naturally flavored and only have 2g of sugar in them. They are gluten, milk, peanut, egg, and soy free, and taste absolutely delicious. It has 50% of your daily percentage of vitamin C in it and 100% of your daily percentage of vitamin E, but unfortunately it has no Biotin. You can buy a bottle of 150 gummies for $15.00 on Amazon, which is a much better deal than getting 75 Nature’s Way gummies for $13.

These vitamins are fairly cheap, at only $12.97 for 150 gummies, and have no bad taste or smell. They are very simple, with no added gimmicks, and have all the vitamins a woman needs including C, E, Biotin, and D for bone health. The downside? This vitamin lacks on minerals and has wheat and tree nuts in it, so steer clear of these if you’re allergic to nuts.

I consider these vitamins to be an add-on to whatever current multivitamin you’re taking, even if you’re multivitamin has 100% C and E. You can get a bottle of 80 gummies for $9.40, but I like to buy them in packs of three for $22.20. They have a delicious strawberry flavor and only 2g of sugar. They contain only the following vitamins: C, E, and Biotin. While they only have 15mg/iu each of C and E, they have a stupendously high amount of Biotin (2500). I take these vitamins daily along with my multivitamin gummies and they really do help my hair and nails grow faster.

These vitamins are my least favorite despite the fact that they’re only $9.94 for 120 gummies. They have all the vitamins you need, including B vitamins for your energy and antioxidants for your immune system, but many of the vitamins have over 100% of the daily needed amount which research shows is not any more helpful. They have a higher amount of calories and sugars in them than the rest of the vitamins, and yet they have a terrible aftertaste.

So who’s the winner here? Despite the fact that my favorites are Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty, Nature’s Way is the clear winner here. If you can get past the high cost, bad taste, and terrible smell, then good for you!